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Monday, June 4, 2012

KS Pastor Curtis Knapp: "Government Should Kill Gays, But They Won't": Why Bigotry is a Bigger Threat Then Homosexuality

I have several questions, how many homosexuals do you know of that are Murderers, forget about Serial Murderers, homosexuals who've murdered just one person. And here's another question, how many homosexuals do you know of, that have killed heterosexuals, again forget about Serial Murderers of heterosexuals, just homosexuals who've murdered one heterosexual. And here's another question and then I'll answer one of my questions, ha ha I'll beat you to it. How many homosexuals to you know of, that have committed Hate Crimes against a heterosexual, just for being heterosexual. Actually harming someone for being straight and I actually have a better question then that, how many homosexuals do you know of that have committed any Hate Crime against anyone period. Just for being who they are, they don't like their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality etc, harming someone for being who they are, that they have no control over. I have an answer for one of those questions and if you can answer for any of the other questions and want to share them with me or this blog. Feel free to send me those answers to me, Jeffrey Dahmer was a homosexual, who murdered other homosexuals, which was a case from back in the early 1990s.

Homosexuality is not a threat to America or our National Security, even as much as Representative Michelle Bachmann and her allies may want to believe that. But ignorance sure as hell is, ignorance is what drives Hate Crimes, people hating other people, again because of lets say their race or ethnicity. Ignorance is what drove the Jim Crow Laws, ignorance is what drove segregation and African Americans being denied the right to vote and other Constitutional Rights that they were denied back in the 1960s and well before that. Ignorance is what drove he genocide of European Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, people who are so ignorant and evil, that they actually believe that people who are different from them, because of race or ethnicity. Don't even deserve to be living. Homosexuality hasn't been driving these crime but ignorance has and is probably the biggest threat we still face as a country.

We clearly can't legislate morality, from the left or right and I'm not making or trying to make the case that we can. We can't force people to think a certain way and educate themselves about things they clearly don't understand but we sure as hell can punish people when they act on their hatred. Hurting people just because of their race, ethnicity, sexuality to use as examples.