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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Romney: "Universal Healthcare is Great For Everyone But America!": The Advantages of Private Universal Healthcare

If Universal Healthcare/Health Insurance means that everyone in the country has access to it and its affordable to everyone one way or the other. Then sign me up because I'm in favor of that and would be a dues paying members of he club, as long as the dues are affordable and reasonable. If Universal Healthcare/Socialize Medicine means that the State and in the United States case. Meaning the Federal Government, runs the Health Insurance System and perhaps even the Healthcare System as a whole, like the Communist Republic of Cuba. To use as an example, then no I'm not in favor of that, as Progressives in America have been calling for years, that if we only have Medicare For All. That everyone in the country would have free Health Insurance, at a price of course, notice the contradiction in that statement, that if its free, there wouldn't be any cost. The costs are higher taxes then they would be today and the other cost would be that choice in where we get our Health Insurance would then be eliminated. Because Uncle Sam would now be the only game in town when it comes to Health Insurance in this country. That I'm not in favor of and don't buy the argument that the rest of the Industrialized World has State Owned Health Insurance Systems, because thats bogus, Israel is another example of that.

The question is not whether we should have Universal Healthcare/Health Insurance but the question is how do we set up a Healthcare System. Where everyone have access to Healthcare and Health Insurance at an affordable cost to everyone that provides high quality Healthcare and Health Insurance for everyone. That yes everyone is part of the system that we are all covered with either Health Insurance or some type of Health Savings Account or out of pocket. But where we all pay for our share of our Healthcare Costs and not passing those costs onto others. America spends 18% of its GDP on our Healthcare System, Israel spends 8% of its GDP on their Healthcare System. But here's something that Israel also does, they have Private Health Insurance available from Cradle to Grave, as well as Patient Protections and a Healthcare Mandate. But Israeli's decide how they pay for their Healthcare but as long as they pay. Its a very similar system to Germany and Switzerland.

What America passed back in 2010 that the Supreme Court ruled as Constitutional in June this year. Is a very similar Healthcare Law to create a similar Healthcare System, as what Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Taiwan, Japan to use as examples have. An attempt to create Universal Healthcare/Health Insurance in this country but where the people are in charge in how their Healthcare is paid for as long as they are paying for it.