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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thom Hartmann: On Herman Cain and American Liberalism

Thom Hartmann is right in this sense, a lot of the progress that has been made in America. Has been fought for by progressives, not exactly liberals but people who believe in moving America forward. And I would add socialists to that group as well but Mr Hartmann's history is partially wrong. Calling Franklin Rossevelt a liberal is a bit of a stretch, I mean this is a man who didn't give a damn about Civil Rights. Or was even a borderline racist, as a liberal myself I find that a bit hard to take. FDR was sure a liberal on Foreign Policy, but unfortunately a Neoconservative on National Security. With the Detainment Camps of Japanese, German and Italian Americans during World War II. Because of their ethnicity, nothing liberal about that. FDR was a Democratic Socialist on Economic Policy. With the New Deal, so FDR was a mix bag someone who couldn't be placed in one Political Faction. One of the reasons why he got elected overwhelmingly and kept getting reelected overwhelmingly. Because he could reach out to so many different Political Factions. Including Southern Voters who didn't want a Liberal President, Jack Kennedy is an excellent example of that. Now there's a real Liberal Democrat and someone who was proud to be a Liberal Democrat. And all of these Political Accomplishments that Hartmann mentioned, like Civil Rights and Equal pay so fourth. These accomplishments on Social Issues were definitely Liberal Achievements. But all of the Social Insurance programs from the New Deal and Great Society. Those are all Socialist Policy's and achievements.

The role of American Liberalism in America to stand up for Individual Freedom and our Constitutional Rights and to protect them. The US Constitution was written by liberals and libertarians. And when it comes to Economic Policy, yes a Safety Net but use it to empower people. Not take care of them which is different and do it in a Fiscally Responsible way. Not try to grow the Federal Government indefinitely, or raise taxes indefinitely but pay as we go. And as far as Foreign Policy, have a strong enough military to protect us. And protect us in a way where we can avoid going to war in the first place. Because no one would be dumb enough to attack us at least not in America. And work with our Foreign Allies and be engaged in the World to protect our National Interests in the World. Not to run the World and again thats different as well.
The role of American Conservatism is to protect our Individual Freedom and Constitutional Rights to conserve them. And on Economic Policy make sure our Economic Freedom is protected and to empower the market as much as possible to solve our problems. And to be Fiscally Responsible as well. And they are similar as liberals on Foreign Policy.

The role of American Socialism is to make sure that the Safety Net is protected, to expand it whenever possible. And that government is always protecting the Middle Class and Low Income workers. And that we aren't trying to run the World and mind our own business. Trying to set the example of what a democracy should be instead of lecturing to the World. And socialists tend to be liberal on Social Issues as well, if they are Democratic Socialists. One Political Ideology has not ruled America, we've been influenced for the good by these three Political Ideology's as well as libertarianism as well. Which is something that I don't believe Thom Hartmann understands. And as a liberal myself yes liberalism has had the most influence because we do live in a Liberal Democracy. In the form of a republic and we'll always be that way.

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