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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brave New Films: This Is What Happens When Latinos Don't Vote

When Latinos don't vote, Neoconservatives who want to deport them and prevent them from coming into. The country in the first place, come into power, if Latinos vote in 2012, they won't have to worry about that.

Current TV: Joy Behar Show: Joy Behar Looks Back on Ann Romney's 'View' Visit

I'm not trying to play mindreader or something but the problem that Mitt Romney has, is that he's trying. To lead a party that he's simply not in sync with, at least on most of these divisive Social Issues, so he's decided he needs to take positions on them, that put him on the far right of. Most people in the country and he gets in trouble for it as a result.

AlterNet: "What Government Does for You"

What Government Does for You | Alternet

The better question I believe should be what government should be doing for the people and this is an area where. As a Liberal I tend to disagree with Progressives, Neoconservatives and Libertarians on, even though Liberals and Libertarians both believe in Limited Government but Libertarians would go even further. Then that and they believe in Small Government but what government should be doing for the people, is what the people can't do for themselves or can't do for themselves as well. That individuals should have the freedom to chart their own course in life and then government can come in, when people slip. And need a hand up, not a handout to get themselves back on their feet but that the people should be able to run and control their own lives, as long as they aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing. And then be held accountable, good or bad for the decisions they make with their choices, that tax payers shouldn't be subsidizing bad decisions of individuals but then when we need help, for no fault of our. Own, should be able to get help when we need it.

Thom Hartmann: Mike Papantonio- The Decline of Broadcast News in America

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal: Thom Hartmann: Mike Papantonio- The Decline of Broadcast News in America

If as a country, we want to have strong broadcast news divisions, then Americans have to actually watch network news. Instead of just getting all of their info from cable or online. We live in a liberal democracy, meaning people get to see what they watch. Rather than programming being forced on them.You can’t force people to do what is in their best interest and make the best decisions for themselves in a free society. Which is what a liberal democracy is, instead of what right-wingers want to portray liberal democracy just as the majority always rules. Voting only covers part of liberal democracy. What also comes with it is Freedom of Speech, including Freedom of Press. And again the news media which broadcast, as well as cable news is certainly part of, are not in the business to lose money. They can’t run up annual debts and deficits, like gee I don’t know, of yeah! Uncle Sam!

And this is coming from a hard news junkie who loves C-SPAN, and news and history documentaries. Who even watches those programs on the weekends instead of football in the fall and baseball in the summer. I also love football and baseball, but that is a different subject. Again, you can’t force people to do what is right for them in a free society. Not sure you can do that in authoritarian state either, as much as some have tried. People have a right to know what is going on in the world and what is important. But they also have a right to be vegheads and apparently violate their favorite celebrities personal privacy and know who they sleep with when their spouse or partner is out-of-town. Or what their favorite shoes are and so-forth. Or who is going to get kicked off of Tropical Island, or whatever the hell the hot tabloid show is.

You want broadcast news to be dominant player in the media again and do real hard news newscasts and for Nightline to become a real late-night newscast again, then people have to watch those shows. And to know what Congress and government in general does, actually affects them personally and economically. That politics and government, despite all the corruption in both. Even if that means not knowing what their favorite celebrity wore to the latest awards show, or what horrible thing was said about them at a party, or whose screwing who and so-forth and so on. But that only happens with education and I’m not just talking about being up to date on the latest celebrity news and technology. But actually knowing how government works and why it and current affairs in general are so important. Because we all pay for them whether we want to, or know it or not.