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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quebec Leader Gilles Duceppe: On Quebec Sovereignty: They should decide

The Province of Quebec which is in Canada is a large piece of land but with only around 8M people. Kinda typical for Canada a lot of land but lightly populated. Thats about the size of Scandinavia physically and ethnically mostly French with some English Canadians and other peoples. Including Canadian Indians I'm sure, thats flirted with the idea of separating from Canada for a long time. Believing they are a country within a country and they are ethnically and culturally different from the rest of Canada. And that they deserve their own country like the French People in France have. Or at least this is how some quebecers feel but with how badly the Quebec Party did in the Canadian Federal Elections last May. Losing all of their seats to the Socialist Democratic Party as I call them. The chances of that happening aren't very good at least right now and they haven't even had a vote in Quebec on Quebec Independence. Since I believe 2002, there hasn't been much of a push outside of the Quebec Party to make this happen. And quebecers seem to feel more comfortable with the idea, of at least outside of the Quebec Party. Which has lost a lot of power in Quebec, especially since the Conservative Party came to power in the Federal Government. About being French Canadian with their own Province their own land their own Provincial Government. They represent around 25% on Canada, in Quebec and outside of Quebec. They have one of the biggest and greatest if not the biggest greatest cities in Canada in Montreal, one of the best cities in the World. Life is good there right now but it could get better.

Quebec compared right now compared with the rest of Canada is a fairly poor country. Living Standards in Canada is comparable with America, they are one of the wealthiest countries in the World. But Quebec's Living Standards are about 50% of the rest of Canada, which is something I bet quebecers consider. When they are considering Quebec Independence, do they want to part of one of the wealthiest countries in the World. And continue to develop in Quebec economically and just Montreal which has always done pretty well. But develop the rest of the Province or do they want to be a somewhat poor country in North America. That even though they have a lot of land, has a fairly small population. Physically and in population, Quebec is pretty similar to Libya and Libya is going to able figure out how to develop. A very large country but with only 6.5M people but with a lot of Natural Resources. And quebecers are going to be able to decide for themselves, do they want to represent 25%. Of one of the richest countries in the World of 35M people but that could easily expand and develop. Or do they want to be a somewhat poor country of 8M people surrounded by two of the wealthiest countries in the World. In Canada and America, so far they've chosen to be French Canadians.

I believe Quebec's future is in Quebecers Hands and up to them what they want to do. Declare Quebec Independence by letting quebecers decide or continue to be French Canadians. In a country where they represent 25% of the population and I believe the largest Ethnic Minority in Canada. Where they have plenty of influence on the Quebec Provincial Government as well as the Federal Government. And if they continue to stay, I'm sure the rest of Canada will be happy to have them. But if they decide to go by choice meaning the people, then they should be able to do that. Without the Canadian Government trying to block them by force.