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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Committee: "The Winners & Losers": Where to go from here

I don't see any good news or bad news from the Congressional Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction as far as them not reaching an agreement. Because I wasn't expecting them to reach any agreement, I do see Congressional Democrats looking very good coming out of this. They knew going in that Congressional Republicans weren't going to agree to any Tax Hikes, probably not even Tax Reform. But they look good to their base which they'll definitely need in 2012 to take back the House and hold the Senate. By not agreeing to any Entitlement Reform without more Defense Cuts and Tax Hikes on the wealthy. I don't believe President Obama looks good because its one more time he tried to bring democrats and republicans together and they failed. I don't think that will hurt him in the election, he can easily back up Congressional Democrats on this. I believe once again Congressional Republicans look stubborn and unable to work with democrats, with their our way or the highway approach. When it comes to Tax Reform and caving to Grover Norquist again and they may have given democrats an issue to hit them with in 2012. With as divided as the country and republicans and democrats in Congress are right now. Deficit Reduction is going to need at least one General Election to get it done. With one party having enough power to put their plan through, I don't see how another Divided Government. Especially a Divided Congress gets the job done, unless both sides see it in their Political Interest to do so. Which is something that only President Obama seems to grasp right now.

To State the Obvious, this is no longer the late 1990s where you had the Leadership in both parties understanding. That they don't have all the power, that they can't force their own plans through Congress. And get the President to sign what they want, I believe Barack Obama is that type of Leader. I really do but he doesn't have a counterpart on the other side of the table that feels the same way. Instead of bashing each others head in and both sides looking bad politically. Lets work together and reach an agreement thats obviously not perfect but a good agreement that can work. And would be good for the country and let the next election decide who has more or less power. I believe Speaker John Boehner could be that type of Leader and before he became the Republican Leader in the House. Was that type of Representative as Chairman on the Workforce Committee and wanted to right laws. Not just pass things out of the House to see them die in the Senate because they were partisan. But right now its his job and the ability to keep it thats driving him right now and its the House Tea Party thats driving their agenda. And the Senate Republican Leadership led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that have picked up that ball and have run with it in the Senate. Blocking Senate Democrats whenever they can.

The partisanship of the mid and late 1990s is nothing Minor League compared with how it is now. Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are actually friends, same thing with Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich. At least at one point, after the Federal Government Shutdown, because President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich. Both understood that they were Public Officials as well and not just Politicians and their job was to govern especially in non Elections Years. And together got a lot done, if you look at the 104th Congress as partisan as it was. They actually got a lot done because they worked with President Clinton. And those days are long gone which is why we need another election to sort these issues out.