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Friday, December 14, 2012

American Prospect: Anna Clark: "Far from the Final Defeat in Michigan": What Organize Labor Should Be All About

Far from the Final Defeat in Michigan

The number one thing that organize labor should be about in America is to serve as a check against employers power. Thats their number one function, the other to insure that employees and their members be paid fairly for the work that they do. Not overpaid or underpaid, especially if they are public sector unions, where money tends to be very limited. Because these aren't for profit organizations obviously, if this is the mission of organize labor, then sign me up. Because I'm a supporter of that, once organize labor is in the business just to save jobs and prevent people from being fired or laid off. Even if they deserve to be fired or laid off, unproductive or low performing employees to use as examples. Employees who are about ready to retire and are basically taking away opportunities for younger well qualified employees. And we see this all the time with public sector unions especially in public education, where they seem more interested. In protecting the jobs of teachers, even of bad teachers then they are interested in the students. So these students can go to a good school, because again who does organize labor represent, the teachers. Not the students, so thats who they are going to represent.

Its not really the rights of organize labor that should be the issue but the rights of the people they represent and. Their ability to decide for themselves who should represent them or not, if they decide to go with the union. Then of course they should be required to pay the dues but if they decide to represent themselves, then they shouldn't. Be subjected to the union dues and be eligible for the benefits that come from serving in the union, organize labor. Should be about the best interest of their employees, not about the best interest of the union itself, if they do a good. Job of representing their employees, then they'll be rewarded for that by having more members, its really that simple. But while they are also about being in the best interest of their employees, they should also be concern with the. Organization that their employees work for, because the better the organization does, then the better the benefits. That the organization will be able to give their employees.

Another thing that organize labor should be concern with are the people that their members served which is. Their customers, because at the end of the day if you just look at from a selfish reason the customers are the people. Who give the employees their jobs who pay the bills of the employee and the protecting the jobs of bad employees. Doesn't do anyone any good and those customers will simply take their business elsewhere and the employer will lose out.