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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Checking on the Health of the Affordable Care Act: US Rep. Jim McDermott on the ACA

If there's one thing I hope I'm wrong about in 2012, its what I believe the Supreme Court ruling will be on the Affordable Care Act later this month. Because I believe the whole thing will get tossed out, just by what I heard from the Oral Arguments back in April. And who's currently sitting on the bench and how Justice Anthony Kennedy reacted to the arguments on both sides. And Justice Kennedy is suppose to be the Swing Vote but he was swinging to the right during the whole debate. I'm still holding out some hope, that even hough I expect the Individual Mandate to get tossed out, like a piece of garbage. That either Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Kennedy, will rule along with the Democrats on the bench, that the rest of the ACA, except for perhaps the Medicaid Provision. Will be able to stay and that the rest of the ACA is Constitutional.

I expect the Individual Mandate to be tossed out, me personally if its a choice, I rather see the Medicaid Provision get tossed out. And the Individual Mandate stay in, because the Medicaid Provision, like with Medicaid is an Unfunded Mandate. Again I hope I'm wrong but based on what I heard during the Oral Arguments, there's a better chance that Chief Justice Roberts will vote for the ACA. Then Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts is a bedrock Right Winger, where Justice Kennedy is more flexible and has more Libertarian leanings.

And maybe what Justice Kennedy said in public is, was just to express one side of the coin that he's considering with the ACA and when they deliberate in private. He'll look at the other side and perhaps one of the Democrats can help them see their side. But I'm not expecting that.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Will President Obama Legalize Marijuana If He Wins Reelection?: Reformers vs the Establishment

I know I've blogged about this before but I didn't vote for Barack Obama for President in the 2008 Maryland Primary. And I didn't vote for him in the Presidential Election, because I saw him as some God that would save the country, unlike some Progressives have seen him. Again in the Democratic Primaries he looked too far to the left for me and looked like some type of Democratic Socialist or something, with only Dennis Kucinich being to the left of him. I voted for Sen. Obama for President in 2008, over Sen. John McCain, because I saw his as the better candidate. Even though I respect Sen. McCain and still do, Barack Obama better represents my politics then John McCain, I'm a Liberal Democrat after all and even though Barack Obama is at best a Moderate Liberal. And this is worth debating, I still take that over a Conservative Republican, whether its John McCain or anyone else. As well as I thought that Barack was better suited to deal with the economic issues, we were just starting to face then Sen. McCain and if you look at Sen. McCain's speeches and so fourth in Congress ever since. I still believe that.

I give you this background just to tell you that I thought I had a pretty good idea in what I was getting in Barack Obama. And what type of President he would be, that he's not Franklin Rossevelt, which is fine with me, that he's more like Jack Kennedy or Bill Clinton. But not as strong and as bold, both President Kennedy and President Clinton made really tough decisions. And took clear stands as President and so did President Obama early on, especially with the economy. But he did not run for President to end the War on Drugs but to managed that war as best as he could and sees that through Law Enforcement for the most part or at least thats how he's governed. He did not run for President to throw out the Patriot Act or eliminate Indefinite Detention or put in Lobbying and Campaign Finance Reform but to operate in those systems as best as he can.

Barack Obama is someone who gives great speeches and can lay out what America is and how we need to improve it. But is not someone who's going to put down a vision or a plan in how to accomplish that and take bold stands but is someone who's going to work in the system, with the powers at be. To make the system work as well as he can make it, President Obama is an ultimate pragmatist or establishment figure, who's interested in reforming things, where he feels things need to be reformed. But is no crusader or reformer himself, if I vote for President Obama again in 2012, it will be because I would take him over Mitt Romney but not as an endorsement for Barack Obama.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mike Papantonio: "Why Young Voters Are Leaving GOP": The Bleak Future of the GOP if They Stay on Course

I wrote a couple blogs about this last month about young voters but politically, we are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian as a country and less Statist or Progressive. The younger we get as a country, the more young people take the approach that we want government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Which is why young people wouldn't vote for someone like Dennis Kucinich for President, because a lot of young people are now working in Business, including Small Business. And would be worried about someone like a Dennis Kucinich taxing and regulating them out of Business. They don't like high taxes and they also wouldn't vote for someone like Rick Santorum, because they would be worried about all of these restrictions that they would put on their lives. What they can watch on TV, what they can read, they don't tend to be homophobic and don't like Rick Santorum's homophobic rhetoric. Young voters are also against things like the War on Drugs, Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention, big problems for President Obama. And he's going to have to bring these people back to them.

The problem with the Republican Party with young people and the country as a whole, as we are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian. The GOP is becoming moving more to the right and becoming more Neoconservative, to the point that someone like a Rick Santorum can finish 2nd in Presidential Delegates for the Presidential Nomination. Where even twenty years ago, when I was still in High School, which wasn't that long ago, as I try to remind myself. Someone like Rick Santorum would be considered a Fringe Candidate in a Conservative Party, way too far to the right to be taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate. But in today's Neoconservative GOP, people like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann fit in perfectly with the GOP. Thats a huge problem for the GOP, because we aren't gaining more Neoconservatives, they are aging and dying off. But Liberals and Libertarians are coming up.

Ronald Reagan did very well with young voters when he ran for President and reelection. I believe he won that vote overwhelmingly in both 1980 and 84, because they saw him as someone who would stay out of their wallets and bedrooms. He cut their taxes and regulations, stayed out of the Christian Conservative agenda. Those days are gone in the GOP, as they've moved farther to the right and now push Social Issues to the for front.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Guard Killed In Riot At Private Prison In Mississippi: The Price of Private Prisons in America

I wrote a couple blogs last week about For Profit Private Prisons in America and I'm writing another one again about them tonight. And hopefully if you haven't figured it out why, by the end of the blog you'll know why. Private Prisons are For Profit Corporations, they are in business to make money, not provide a good service for Tax Payers and they may save us some money in the short term. But we pay a heavy price for them in the long term, because the people who serve time in them, unless the Private Prison, finds a way to keep inmates indefinitely. And these Prisons are always looking for ways to extend Prison Sentences, these inmates are going to get out. And in most cases end up even worse then they were going in, because these Prisons are run so cheaply, imagine serving time at a POW Camp or someone place like that. Where at best you are provided with the basic needs in order to survive, if that and in the case of this Mississippi Private Prison, they aren't even given that.

Inmates shouldn't be starving themselves and they shouldn't be starved by the Corrections Staff. They need to be in an environment, where they can do their time, even if they are lifers, in an safe as an environment as possible, while still being able to do their time. And for the inmates who get out, be able to prepare themselves for life on the outside and you can't do that if your forced into Slave Labor. Which is what you get at a Private Prison, Prison Labor of course is a good idea but they should be paid for the work that they do. For one so they can pay for their Living Expenses, two be able to send some money home and also to be able to pay back their victims. But also so they can get some valuable work experience, that they can take with them, once they are on the outside.

You set up a Corrections System like this, there's no need for Private Prisons, because then Public Prisons could then be Self Financed. And you wouldn't see strikes and riots happening like this in the future for the most part, because there wouldn't be any need for them. Because inmates would be in an environment, where they could do their time.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Vice President Biden "Please Put Your Foot in Your Mouth About Pot!": Next Step

I'm not one of these people that see Barack Obama as anything other then who he his, even though I voted for him in 2008. I believe he's a very good intelligent man but he's also as human as we come and he's also a politician and people tend to forget this aspect about President Obama. I'm not saying he makes every decision he makes, based on polls, at least I don't know if he does that or not. I'll bet you anything that Barack Obama's position on Same Sex Marriage, isn't new, he's had this position for several years and we saw evidence of that last year. When he decided that he wouldn't defend DOMA or the Defense Of Marriage Act last year in court. Its just that he decided to make his position official on Same Sex Marriage a couple of weeks ago and I'll bet you anything. Politics was involved, he knows both Liberal Democrats such as myself, especially Liberals in my generation who are considering voting for Gary Johnson. The Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee and that Progressive Democrats, people farther to the left then Liberals on Economic Policy. The President knows that these two groups aren't crazy about President Obama, especially when it comes to the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention.

Young voters such as myself Generation X, my Generation and Generation Y, aren't going to vote for the lesser of two evils in 2012. They are not going to vote for President Obama, because they dislike him less then Mitt Romney, they are even going to vote for the candidate or incumbent they like. Or they are not going to vote for President at all and the President is smart enough to know that, you can't always run to the center, because you are scared to offend Independents. Thats not how Civil Rights was passed in the 1960s, there are times you have to take a stand and do what's right, even if its not the centrist position. And politically speaking, coming out against the War on Drugs, which might be the most unpopular war, we've ever fought as a country. Would be beneficial for President Obama, so he would be doing what's right and would benefit from it politically.

I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago, half jokingly suggesting that the next issue that Vice President Biden should put his foot in his mouth over. Should be about the War on Drugs, admitting the obvious and saying that its failed and that we need a new approach in how we deal with narcotics in America. Hoping someone else would pick up on that, today Progressive Talk Show Host Thom Hartmann did exactly that. Not saying he read my blog but made the same suggestion.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- What Happened When Portugal Decriminalized Drugs?

Source: The Young Turks-
Source: The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- What Happened When Portugal Decriminalized Drugs?

What the State of New Jersey is looking at is a different approach to fighting the War on Drugs. By decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana that people may possess. In other words, they are caught in possession of fifteen grams or less of marijuana, they would pay a fine for possessing that amount of marijuana. It's a step in the right direction but only a step because it means that people in New Jersey could still be arrested for using or selling marijuana. A narcotic that has similar affects as alcohol, perhaps with less consequences though.

What needs to be done in the War on Drugs, is we stop fighting it. Get the criminals out of the picture in narcotics industry. Whether it's legal or not, it's still an industry. And then  pursue the criminals in the narcotics industry, people who prey on drug addicts, to get every dime they can out of them. Treat drug Addicts like the patients that they are and get them in drug rehab at their expense. Because this is their problem. And it's not other people's problems, until they hurt people with it. And not just decriminalize marijuana but Legalize it, with regulation and taxation like alcohol.

We now have two-million people in prison in America, a country thats supposed to be a liberal democracy. And I'm all for locking up criminals people who represent a threat to society. Drug addicts aren't criminals in the sense that they routinely hurt innocent people. If thats the only felony or felonies they've ever committed. They are patients with essentially a mental condition, who can't control and satisfy their urges for narcotics. And roughly 30% of all American inmates are in prison for a drug related offense and a lot of times, that has to do with possession or usage.

So what we need to do with this war, which is probably the 2nd dumbest war we've ever fought as a country, behind the 2nd Iraq War, is stop fighting it. Treat drug criminals like criminals, people who prey on drug addicts to get every dime out of them they can. Treat drug addicts like mental patients and get them the help they ned, so they can move on and live productive lives.

What we also should be doing besides legalizing with regulation and taxation of marijuana, treat it like alcohol and I've been reluctant to take this position before, is to decriminalize other narcotics. Except for marijuana which would be legalized.

Which is to say instead of arresting people for simple possession of lets say heroin to use as an example instead have them pay a fine, based on the amount of heroin they possess and of course take away their heroin. If they are caught using lets say heroin, cocaine to use as examples, get them in drug rehab at their expense, instead of jail or prison. Until they are ready to return to society. And perhaps in a halfway house as well, again at their expense.

We've spent over a trillion dollars again fighting a war we've never should've started in the first place. And have a paid a heavy price for it, with all the drug addicts we now have locked up. As well as the drug addicts we now have on the street, because they've never gotten the help they should've in the first place.

And we've paid a heavy price for this so-called bogus (to be kind) War on Drugs, because it really isn't a war. You can't go to war with an idea or product. Only with people and groups of people. But enough with the bad English in describing narcotics policy in America and other countries. And the only people who have benefited from it, are the drug dealers themselves.

So we need a new approach in how we deal with narcotics. Take a realistic approach that is around personal freedom short of hurting innocent people and personal responsibility. Not there on heroin and other stronger narcotics, but locking people up for simply possessing those drugs and being addicted to them, hasn't worked. Of course go after the producers of heroin and cocaine, but their victims should be treated as such. Get them the help that they need and hold then responsible for the costs of getting over their addiction. With a safety net for people who simply can't afford their rehab. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Real News: David Daugherty- In Chicago, Nurses Rally For Robin Hood Tax

Source: The Real News-
Source: The Real News David Daugherty- In Chicago, Nurses Rally For Robin Hood Tax

This week so-called Progressives, organized labor, and other so-called progressive Organizations (socialist, really) will be rallying in Chicago in favor of new tax hikes. Actually rallying for tax hikes and no not in Sweden, but in America. Only Socialists pay taxes with smiles on their faces and consider Tax Day to be a holiday worth celebrating. As well as protesting against NATO and the G8, the group of developed nations in the World. Not rallying for tax hikes, because they are concern about the Federal debt and deficit, now 16T$ and 1.8T$ respectfully. But to pass a tax hike, to do the things that so-called Progressives are always stereotyped as and for good reason, as tax and spenders.

Socialists who believe government can spend people's money better than the people who make the money. You probably won't see the President or any other Democratic leader at these rallies and for good reason, they don't want to be linked with them. The Congressional Progressive Caucus and others who believe in this fiscal policy, may be there, but they agree with this strategy. And can afford to be seen supporting it, because they represent for the most part, only people who tend to agree with them. They represent House districts, (not states) and they don't have to campaign in Florida, just a section of that State.

These rallies will be calling for a global financial tax on corporations, that do business on Wall Street. Handing over American independence to make these decisions for ourselves and giving this power to the United Nations or World Bank, or some international organization. I understand the need for so-called Progressives to organized and get out there and lay out exactly what they believe. And I respect them for that. They are Big Government Democratic Socialists and are proud of it, who believe in democratic socialism. But they also represent a lot of the negative stereotypes of the Democratic Party, that cost the Democratic Party 5-6 Presidential Elections from 1968-88. That Bill Clinton worked so hard to erase and to tell Americans that we are a center-left progressive party. But they are not a socialist party, looking to tax people so much, that there isn't much left for Americans to do on their own.

Had these so-called progressive organizations gotten together to call for a new tax on Corporate America, so that they and the wealthy pay their fair share in deficit reduction, then they would have a broader base to speak to. And people who don't think exactly like them would get behind that and they could broaden their base. But when you call for tax hikes, for more tax and spending , you just feed into the stereotypes of tax and spend Socialists.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- "GOP-Dem Scare Tactics On Medicare- Con Job"

Source: The Young Turks-Newt Gingrich-
Source: The Young Tuks: Cenk Uygur- GOP-Dem Scare Tactics On Medicare- Con Job

Anytime there is ever talk about reforming any Federal social insurance program, especially entitlements like Medicare, the New-Left in an outside of the Democratic Party and Cenk Uygur is both in and outside of the Democratic Party sometimes on the same day, they freak out about it. And call it Democratic or Republican attempts to gut the poor and elderly, as well as minorities, to soak the rich. Unless talk of reform is about expanding some current social insurance program and raising taxes to fund that expansion. So anytime anyone on the Far-Left, again both in and outside of the Democratic Party, goes off on talk about reforming a program like Medicare, don't take that with a grain of salt, but year supply of potato chips worth of salt. They simply can't admit that there are real issues with government programs and that sometimes they actually need to be reformed. That sometimes government, especially politicians over promise and there becomes need to open up those programs to reforms in order to preserve them so they'll be there for people who really need them. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Medical Marijuana: President Obama Vs 74% Of Americans: Even Independents Now Support it so What's the Problem

If President Obama's road to reelection as he sees it, is to run for Independents and screw off everyone else. Then this is a brain dead campaign strategy, that he needs to reconsider, because Independents aren't looking for a Statist President. If thats what they want, they have several Republicans they can look for if thats what they want. And they'll also find Republicans who want Constitutional Amendments to ban pornography and Same Sex Marriage also. Independents care about what Democrats and even Republicans if you look at the polls and not listen to Big Government Republicans. They want a President to deal with and fix the economy, thats their number one concern, not if Bob is marrying Joe or if Marry is marrying Sally. Or if Joe and Marry or whoever else are smoking a joint or taking marijuana to relieve pain. Or jacking off at home watching an Adult Movie, which I'm sure we all have whether we are willing to admit it or not. If its Independents and Democrats that President Obama wants voting and working for him. Give us a reason, gives us several reasons.

Leave the Big Government Statist issues to Mitt Romney, if thats the game he wants to play to appeal to Big Government Republicans. And spend your time dealing with what the rest of the country is concern about, which is 85-90% of us, which is a hell of a Voting Block. Get off the backs before you break them of the people who take marijuana to relieve pain. Or just smoke a joint for the hell of it and concentrate on what most Americans care about. This is the situation that we inherited when we came to office, this is what we've done to help people back to work, this is the progress we've made. This is what we want to do in a 2nd term, this is what the other side wants to do if they get back in power. This is why you should vote for me and give me more Democrats in Congress, give me a Democratic Congress. And we can fix the country together.

Independents and Democrats don't give a damn about Medical Marijuana as far as how to relates to the 2012 Elections. "Its the economy stupid for them", the only people that care about it are Statists who believe they can live our lives better then we can for us. And Big Pharma that doesn't want the competition and unless you are in the tank for these groups. Then supporting Medical Marijuana will help you politically.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Louisiana: "The World's Prison Capital": The Alternative to Private Prisons

I wrote a blog last night about Private Prisons, so back to back blogs about the Private Prison Industry. But its a very important issue that deserves to be addressed multiple times, because of how big a problem its costing. And it just doesn't effect Prison Inmates doing time in these places, as well as the Tax Payers that have to fund it. But it also effects our broader Crime and Punishment problem, where we now have 2M people in Prison in America. One of the reasons why some States are looking at Private Prisons in order to cut Prison Costs. But it also goes to our War on Drugs, which is one of our reasons why we have 2M people in Prison. With the 500K or so Prison Inmates who are in Prison, for drug related offenses, for simple things like. Simple Drug Possession, even if they haven't used any of the drugs they were convicted of possessing. And you can end up in Prison for years, for simple Drug Possession, even if you don't use or sell the narcotics.

Of course we need to cut our Prison Costs in America, thats as obvious as we have to have food to eat. And water to drink in order to live, thats not the question, the question is how do we do that. Without adding even more people to our Prison Rolls, who are in Prison that don't need to be. Who are Non Violent Offenders, whose offenses have little if anything to do with economy. Meaning they aren't major threats to the economy, people in Prison for Drug Obsession to use as an example. We and those inmates would be better off in a combination of Drug Rehab or a Halfway House at their expense. Then locking them up in Prisons for several years and then we can save our limited Prison Cells for offenders. Who do represent a serious threat to society and need to be locked up for the sake of society.

What we need to be doing instead with our Corrections Systems, is to make our Prisons Self Financed. Meaning they would no longer need Tax Revenue to fund its operations, other then maybe paying the Prison Staffs. And we do this by first getting our Prison Inmates into school, so we prepare them to work. While in Prison but also so they have some valuable skills once they leave Prison. They would now not only have an education but valuable work experience that they obtained while in prison. And make them much better candidates for parole, because they will now have the skills that they need to succeed on the outside. Without breaking the law and once they get those skills, put them to work, return Prison Industries. Have our Prison Inmates produce the things that are needed to run a Prison, as well as doing the work thats need to run a Prison. Outside of what they Prison Staffs do but also sell products that can be used by other Government Agencies as well.

You return Prison Industries, you pay the inmates for the work that they do, that they would make on the outside. For what they produce and then have them pay for their Living Expenses from the money they make legally while in Prison. As well as being able to send money home to their families and pay whatever money they over their victims. And put money away into a Savings Account, that they could use for once they leave Prison. Or if they are serving life without parole, put money away to cover their Living Expenses. In their Senior Years.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?: Defining what Healthcare in America is

Is Healthcare a right or privilege? I don't believe thats the right question and it depends on who you ask. And what country you live in, Healthcare by law, is something that all Americans are entitled to. If they are in position to receive it, meaning that Healthcare is available to them. When they need it, for example your in a car accident and you get rushed to a Emergency Room. Then you would automatically get Healthcare, whether you want it or not. And won't even have to pay for it, if you are uninsured and can't afford it. But if you get shot in an alley and no one else sees it and is available to help you. And you have no access to anyone that can help you. Perhaps your knocked out and can't get yourself to a hospital. You may bleed to death and not have the access you need to Healthcare. We don't in America have a Constitutional Right to Healthcare. But by law if we need and can get to it or someone can get it to us or get us there to receive it. We get that Healthcare or at least enough of it to save our lives. Down the road it might get to our level of Health Insurance and how much we can pay for our Healthcare. And thats something we need to solve as a country.

Health Insurance is not a Constitutional Right in the United States, whether it should be or not. And again that gets to who you ask but its not a Constitutional Right as of right now. And thats what really the Healthcare Reform debate is about in America. At least amongst the people who believe we should reform our Healthcare System and I'm certainly one of them. Health Insurance in America, is similar to all other forms of Insurance. Its a product that if you have it and unless your on Medicaid. You pay for out of what you make, it generally comes out of your paycheck. And the real debate is how do we reform our Health Payment System. So that more people are covered by Health Insurance. At an affordable rate and that we all pay for our share of our Healthcare Costs. Which would bring those Healthcare Costs down for everyone. Because instead of people paying for their Healthcare Costs as well as others. That have no relation to them, other then living in the same country. They would just have to pay for their Healthcare Costs.

Again the real question gets to Health Payments in America and it doesn't even have to be Health Insurance. That is one avenue but not the only one we have to take. We could allow for people to set up Health Savings Accounts. Where they would put a certain percentage of their income in a HSA. Perhaps matched by their employer or have a Health Insurance System. That only cover serious conditions, so we wouldn't have to take out of it as often. And could build up that fund and pay for routine procedures out of pocket. Or for the people who can afford it, pay for their Healthcare completely out of pocket. But Health Insurance itself, is not a right or a privilege but a product. Like anything else we buy in this country.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thom Hartmann Vs. Arthur Brooks: "Free Enterprise", How Free Enterprise is not Free

First of all there's no such thing as "Free Enterprise", thats a completely bogus term. The real term is Private Enterprise and if Private Enterprise were Free. It wouldn't be subjected to regulations and taxes, which of course Private Enterprise. All over the World is subjected to, America may have the Freest Private Enterprise System in the World. But its not Free but it is Private and we do have Property Rights in America. Now there are so called Conservatives and even Libertarians in America. That would like to push us towards a Free Enterprise System in the World. And eliminate all regulations and taxes on people working in the Private Sector. The questions aren't whether America has a Free Enterprise System or not. We simply don't, the question is should we or not and the answer to that is. If you were to take a National Poll, would be clearly no. The overwhelming answer to that question would be no, we believe in regulating and taxing our economy. The only question is to how much we should tax and regulate our economy. If at all and again I believe we definitely should. To be able to fund our government to do only what it should do. And to protect innocent people from being abused in our Economic System.

So the question is not whether America should have a Private Enterprise System or a. State Ownership Economic System, meaning the State owns the economy. Which is what Classical Socialism is, which is a form of Communism. Americans would also answer we clearly should have a Private Enterprise System as well. Thats why we are the number one Economic Power in the World. Twice the size of China which has four times as many people as we do. The questions are what type of Private Enterprise System we should have. How much we should tax and regulate, what should we do for people who can't take care of themselves. If anything, what should we do to create as much opportunity for everyone in society. To be successful and not have to live off of Public Assistance. For me it gets down to Economic Liberalism in its purist form, creating an Opportunity Society. Where everyone in the country can succeed.

Economic Liberalism is what this country needs, creating a Private Enterprise System. Where everyone has the opportunity to be successful in life. No matter the economic levels of their families and where we can help adults who have fallen through the cracks of the economy. Get themselves up and be able to take care of themselves. And this gets to education, Job Training and Job Placement.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sen. Richard Lugar Loses Indiana GOP Primary to Tea Party Foe: Where the GOP is Headed

When Sen. Bob Bennett who was a three term US Senator from Utah of all places. Who had one of the most Conservative Voting Records in Congress. Lost a Republican Primary, two years ago, that told me that the Tea Party was very powerful. And something not to underestimate, even if they are a little out there. Perhaps so out there, that you can't see them with telescope. I means if Sen. Bennett isn't far enough to the right for the Republican Party. A Party that at least at one point , was the Party of Lincoln, Goldwater and Reagan. Who I guess would all be seen as Liberals today by Republicans, which as a Liberal myself. Wants me to nominate that as joke of the year, then how far to the right does the GOP. Want to go, create a Theocracy, a Superstate, where Freedom is very limited. And where we have to fill out paperwork to blow our noses. First it was Bob Bennett and then it was Sen. Lisa Murkowski, you know from Alaska. You can't get elected there if your not a Conservative, practically. Sen. Mark Begich is Democrat would be one exception to that.

First it was Bob Bennett, then it was Lisa Murkowski, both Conservative Republicans. Isn't that what the GOP is suppose to be about, losing Republican Primaries. In 2012 its now Sen. Dick Lugar, again another Conservative Republican. Excellent Conservative credentials on Economic and Foreign Policy, as well as National Security. The Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee. Excellent Conservative credentials on Social Issues, as far as as what it really means to be a Social Conservative. He takes the Barry Goldwater approach to politics, get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Thats what Conservatism is suppose to be about, conserving freedom, not subtracting it. But again this is today's GOP, a Party that now believes we have too much Social Freedom. And how Far Right candidates can now beat Conservatives.

If Conservatives can no longer win Republican Primaries, even if they are incumbents. What does that say about the GOP, that they are no longer a Conservative Party. They are now becoming what they use to be against and to a certain extent still preach against. Which is Statist, Authoritarian, yes Big Government out of our wallets. But so it can be in our bedrooms instead and other rooms in our homes. Which has nothing to do with Conservatism.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Jared Bernstein & Chye-Ching Huang on Tax Rates and Economy

Progressive Economist Jared Bernstein is someone who I have a lot do respect for. I thought he did a good job for Vice President Joe Biden and helping him to manage the 2009 Recovery Act. And was a good spokesmen for the Vice President and the Obama Administration. I like the progressive think tank, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. That he now works for, not that I agree with them on a regular basis. But because they are professional and are interested in reporting facts and data. Unlike lets say Think Progress which is more of a partisan hack for so-called Progressives. And the Heritage Foundation, thats a partisan hack for the Neoconservatives.

Heritage, for most part is in the business, to report negative stories, whether they are true or not, against the other side. Whereas CBPP, is a real think tank for Progressives. Which is what the Brookings Institution is a real think tank for Liberals. American Enterprise Institute is a real think tank for Conservatives. And Cato Institute is a real think tank for Libertarians. These think tanks, even though they have clear ideological slants are professional and report and study facts. Which is why they all have broad support.

Keep in mind when Jared Bernstein and his colleague at CBPP Chye-Ching Huang say raising taxes on the wealthy, is a good way to cut the deficit, they are both Progressives. But also keep in mind they are professionals and practical. They aren't saying we should let all of the Bush tax cuts expire, including on the middle class. Which is what a lot of so-called Progressives want to do. Like the Congressional Progressive Caucus to use as an example. But they also again because they are professionals have data and evidence to support their claims.

Going back to the Clinton presidency when the Federal budget was cut, to go along with tax hikes on the wealthy. Which contributed to taking a 290B$ Budget Deficit for Fiscal Year 1994, to a balanced budget by 1998. Whereas so-called Progressive more left of them, can't back up why raising taxes on the middle class and not cutting the Federal budget, except for the military and War on Terror, would be good for the economy. A difference between facts and ideology.

My approach to cutting the debt and deficit, gets to reform, cut and decentralize. Reform the tax code, by eliminating the income tax. And replacing it with a Progressive Consumption Tax. Reforming how the Federal Government operates. By having it do less and passing more responsibility onto the private sector and states. Not by eliminating good programs that perform a good service, just getting them off the Federal budget. Cutting and reforming the military budget, by getting it out of areas we don't need to be in. Like in developed nations and having a larger presence where we do need to be. Like in counterterrorism. But these two progressive economists can at least back up what they believe and why they believe it.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Political Correctness Gone Mad: Where Political Correctness Violates Reason and Free Speech

I don't want to sound partisan here and try not to throw out any insults. Even though I blog in a no Political Correctness Zone. One of my jobs is to write what I feel and know and then to back that up as best as I can. With the best available facts that I have but the Political Correctness Movement is a creation, of Progressives. To use against the Right Wing that they see as bigots and they are still using Political Correctness to. Go after Rush Limbaugh back in March when he called a female college student, who was testifying on Capitol Hill. A "slut" and they tried to use that to get Rush Limbaugh off the air. What happened to Free Speech there and Progressives also made a big deal. In the Westboro case in March, 2011 where the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Group's. Right to Free Speech and included Hate Speech as part of that protection. The Right Wing is of course not innocent here and use Political Correctness. To go after after Leftists, people like Keith Olbermann, when they say things that are controversial.

America has reached a certain consensus on Political Correctness, that we shouldn't say things. Like racial or ethnic slurs but at the same time we shouldn't be put people in jail for them either. Or have the Federal Government force us out of work, like lest say a Talk Show Host. The Far Left and Far Right still don't have a problem with racial slurs or jokes. But most of the country tends to see those things as wrong. And that we shouldn't do them but we shouldn't also lose our freedom over them either. This would Political Correctness within reason, when someone says something ignorant. You call them out on it and say thats wrong and so fourth but you don't try to destroy them. And take their First Amendment rights away from them. You call them out and what they said for what it is. And then you move on with your life. Political Correctness is a problem when its use to replace the truth. Not all truth is good and easy to here but if its the truth, it deserves to be heard. Even if its insulting.

If someone says something that you find insulting or you don't like hearing. But its the truth, what's called a two strike count, to use a baseball analogy. Don't get on that person for saying the truth, especially if they are friends or relatives. In that case they are probably trying to help you. Take it as Constructive Criticism and use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. And if they aren't a friend or an enemy, shove your improved self in their face. But lets not get on people for saying the truth or try to destroy people. For expressing their First Amendment rights, lets just treat things and people for who they are. And we'll learn a lot more.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Russia Today: The Aloyna Show- Alyona Minkovski: Labor Union Membership Down

Source: Russia Today- Alyona Minkovski-
Source: Russia Today: The Aloyna Show- Alyona Minkovski: Labor Union Membership Down

There are several factors why union membership is down in the United States.

More people are frankly getting better educated and working white-collar jobs than they did thirty, forty and even fifty years ago. And don't feel the need to be a member of a union. Because they believe they can negotiate their own pay and benefits on their own. And especially don't like being forced to pay union dues, when they aren't a member of that union.

The country has moved farther to the right the last forty years and has elected public officials that aren't in favor of organized labor and if anything would want to outlaw it. As we've seen especially in the Midwest with public workers unions. But some of these Neoconservative Governors, (as I call them) like Rick Snyder in Michigan and Scott Walker in Wisconsin, would probably go even farther. They would and outlaw organized labor all together if they could.

Corporate America now has better lobbyists working for them and have become better at lobbying public officials to make sure their interests are met and of course they don't tend to like organized labor as well.

There use to be a time that organized labor in America, could pretty much count on the Democratic Party to do their bidding, because they wanted their politicians reelected obviously. That all changed in the late 1970s under President Carter and President Clinton if anything took that a step farther in the 1990s.

The country has moved right and the Democratic Party is no longer dominated by the Progressive Caucus and it's allies. It's the liberal party in America and more progressive than the Republican Party. (Which isn't saying anything) But no longer believes, unless they are so-called Progressive Democrats that aren't going to get much if any support from private business, feel the need to be in the pocket of organized labor. And feels free to seek support outside of the so-claled progressive movement. Democrats are still pro-organize labor and the right to organize, but don't feel the need to do what unions want them to do.

The future of organized labor may no longer be in the Democratic Party. And if they want to remain a major force in American politics, may have to look at some of these so-called progressive third- parties and even work to form a large third-party. That will stand for it's interests and members and will go to bat for them. Because Democrats now are much more broader party and no longer anti- private enterprise and use that rhetoric outside of the Progressive Caucus and Occupy Wall Street.