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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sen. Richard Lugar Loses Indiana GOP Primary to Tea Party Foe: Where the GOP is Headed

When Sen. Bob Bennett who was a three term US Senator from Utah of all places. Who had one of the most Conservative Voting Records in Congress. Lost a Republican Primary, two years ago, that told me that the Tea Party was very powerful. And something not to underestimate, even if they are a little out there. Perhaps so out there, that you can't see them with telescope. I means if Sen. Bennett isn't far enough to the right for the Republican Party. A Party that at least at one point , was the Party of Lincoln, Goldwater and Reagan. Who I guess would all be seen as Liberals today by Republicans, which as a Liberal myself. Wants me to nominate that as joke of the year, then how far to the right does the GOP. Want to go, create a Theocracy, a Superstate, where Freedom is very limited. And where we have to fill out paperwork to blow our noses. First it was Bob Bennett and then it was Sen. Lisa Murkowski, you know from Alaska. You can't get elected there if your not a Conservative, practically. Sen. Mark Begich is Democrat would be one exception to that.

First it was Bob Bennett, then it was Lisa Murkowski, both Conservative Republicans. Isn't that what the GOP is suppose to be about, losing Republican Primaries. In 2012 its now Sen. Dick Lugar, again another Conservative Republican. Excellent Conservative credentials on Economic and Foreign Policy, as well as National Security. The Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee. Excellent Conservative credentials on Social Issues, as far as as what it really means to be a Social Conservative. He takes the Barry Goldwater approach to politics, get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Thats what Conservatism is suppose to be about, conserving freedom, not subtracting it. But again this is today's GOP, a Party that now believes we have too much Social Freedom. And how Far Right candidates can now beat Conservatives.

If Conservatives can no longer win Republican Primaries, even if they are incumbents. What does that say about the GOP, that they are no longer a Conservative Party. They are now becoming what they use to be against and to a certain extent still preach against. Which is Statist, Authoritarian, yes Big Government out of our wallets. But so it can be in our bedrooms instead and other rooms in our homes. Which has nothing to do with Conservatism.

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