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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Nation: Today in Poverty: Greg Kauffmann: An Education Wish List: How To Cut Poverty by Reforming Education

Today in Poverty: An Education Wish List

You want to reduce poverty and help people out of poverty and even prevent their kids from having to live in poverty. Then you would support proposals that would move people out of poverty and if you want to support parents. Who raise their kids in poverty, then you would support proposals that would help them move out of poverty. Its that simple or otherwise all we are doing is talking about helping people in poverty get by if that but still leaving. Then and their kids living in poverty and still having this endless discussion of why we have so many people in poverty. In America and how disgraceful it is and so fourth but never ever really doing anything about it that actually. Moves people out of poverty because we already know what we need to do to help people out of poverty. Because we have experience in doing this and we know what doesn't work in helping people get themselves out of. Poverty because we have experience in doing that as well so what we need to do is what works, which is empowering people. In poverty to get themselves out of poverty and stop just subsidizing people to help them pay their bills. But do nothing to help them out of poverty or just cut them off and tell them they are on their own.

The best and fastest ticket out of poverty is through education for adults and their kids and that means stop trapping. Students in bad schools just because of where they live and empowering their parents to be able to send them. To the best school thats for them, having a public education system thats funded based on need for each school. Rather then funding public schools based on where they are located which is the system of today along with. Kids being forced to go to school based on where they live, rather then what's the best school for them and the Federal Government. Should help with more funding and less strings in both areas. Stop paying teachers based on how long they've taught. Which is the system of today and start paying teachers based on how good of a job they are doing as teachers. And for parents of these kids, empower them to go back and finish school so they can get themselves the. Skills that they need to be able to get themselves a good job that gets themselves out of poverty. And you do this with adult education, job training and job placement.

At risk of sounding partisan but so what but a difference between a Liberal and Progressive when it comes. To poverty is that Liberals actually want to liberate people out of poverty and make public assistance. So effective that it becomes obsolete and no longer needed and Progressives know that if that were to happen. Then they would have a harder time arguing for more funding of the safety net and more public assistance. For the needy and so fourth because there would be less of a need for it. We know what works to move people out of poverty and its just a matter of doing it.