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Monday, March 4, 2013

Akshay Pahilajani: Noam Chomsky- On Liberalism in 1977

Source: Akshay Pahilajani- Libertarian-Socialist Noam Chomsky
Source: Akshay Pahilajani: Noam Chomsky on Liberalism & Socialism in 1977

I like what Professor Chomsky said early on in this video, because that’s exactly what I could base this entire blog around. This one point where he says that liberalism when it was first developed was anti-establishment and I would add anti-centralization of power as well to that. Now take that to today in 2013 where people who are called ‘Modern-Liberals’, (I hate that term) where do they put the bulk of their philosophy around big government. The Federal Government to do all of these good deeds for the people who fund it.

But what’s the largest establishment in the world? The United States Government with its four-trillion-dollar annual budget and eight-million or so employees roughly the population of Sweden with a budget that’s eight times the size of the Swedish economy. So notice how liberalism started out and where as being anti-establishment and pro-individual freedom. Liberty and so-forth and where it still is, because that’s what liberalism is at its core and then look at where it supposed to be now. With all of its faith in government and centralize-power. ‘Government knows best what individuals need to survive and live a good life and so-forth. Rather than individuals making these decisions for themselves.

I hate it when liberalism is mixed in with libertarianism or made to look right-wing. Which is how Progressives in America tend to think of Liberals who aren’t as far to the left as them. Not that I have a problem with libertarianism, that I see it as insulting or something. But just how ignorant people are about political philosophy or something. And then of course on the right you have so-called Conservatives who link Liberals with Socialists and other Progressives as if we Liberals have so much faith in government to take care of us and solve our problems for us.

Again not that I find progressivism insulting, I know many that I like and respect, but again goes to the ignorance of American political philosophy. Liberals tend to be anti-establishment and tend to like to do their own things and make up their own minds and so-forth. I’m a perfect example of that as much as own family might not like that about me. But we are not like Libertarians who tend lately to be anti-government across the board. I know I’ve said this before, but it goes to the heart of liberalism. That it’s about freedom for individuals. Power to the people (to add a quote), not power to the state which what today’s so-called Progressives seem to be about lately.

Liberals believe freedom should be protected for the people who have it and still deserve it, but also expanded to the people who don’t have it, but deserve and need it. Does government have a role to play here? Sure but does it have the biggest role or even a commanding role? No because at the end of the day it’s up to individuals to decide what type of life they are going have for themselves. And what government can do is provide opportunity so we can all have a quality of life. But at the end of the day it’s up to us what we do with the opportunities that are before us.