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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BraveNewFoundation: Former Prosecutor John Amabile: "Drug Policy Kills More People Than The Drugs Themselves"

If you add up all of the people we lose in the War on Drugs, from people who get shot in the streets. Over it or even get shot by Law Enforcement Officer prosecuting this War or the people we lose to prison each year who never come out the same as when they went in. And generally come out worse or better criminals then when they went in, it wouldn't surprise me that we lose every year. More people to the War on Drugs, then we lose people to illegal narcotics in America, the War on Drugs. Is really more a War on people who use or sell illegal narcotics, we arrest and put people away and in a lot of case for long sentences for simply possessing or using illegal narcotics. We arrest and lockup people for what they do to themselves and we arrest and lockup people for. Selling illegal narcotics, selling a product that we clearly have a large market for in America or we. Wouldn't be fighting this so called war for now over forty years and working with other countries to keep these illegal narcotics out of the country in the first place.

How America deals with narcotics should be done with two principles in mind, Freedom of Choice meaning. That adults are smart enough to make these decisions for themselves instead of Uncle Sam making these decisions for them and that regulation and taxation would be a better way to control. Narcotics then locking up people for what they do to themselves is wrong on many levels. Rehabilitation for the users of narcotics who are addicted, not incarceration, unless they commit another felony while under the influence. I'm not say I'm for full legalization of narcotics in America but taxation, regulation and decriminalization would be a much more effective approach.