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Monday, February 4, 2013

RT: Video: Obamacare: "Not What the Doctor Ordered": The Challenges For Healthcare Reform Going Forward

Assuming the entire Affordable Care Act goes through, within ten years we are going to go from fifty millions uninsured Americans in this country. To thirty million which will still leave a big gap to fill but will be serious progress from where we are now. But even if wee do close the remaining twenty million gap with further healthcare reform down the line. With something like a public option, allowing non senior citizens to pay into Medicare. Something like that or requiring as well as allowing states to set up their own version of Medicare to deal with the. Uninsured but even if we do something like that, that won't take care of the other problems with our. Healthcare system which basically gets to the costs of it, yes having more people insured in this country. And paying for their own healthcare and having less people if any receiving so called free healthcare in America. That alone will bring down our healthcare costs but as long as we have preventable diseases like obesity and diabetes running up our. Healthcare costs and we don't have enough doctors to take care of the new patients with the expansion of health insurance in this. Country we aren't going to bring down our healthcare costs sufficiently.

Too many people in this country live unhealthy and I wouldn't have a problem with that. I wouldn't like that but the main problem with unhealthy living. Is an economic one because people who choose not to eat and diet right and not exercise properly. End up passing their healthcare costs onto people who live healthy because the unhealthy people end up picking up. Diseases and conditions that are very expensive to deal with. Like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, various forms of cancer and so fourth. End up in the emergency room a lot which adds to the healthcare costs of everyone else so we need to break this cycle. And we need to bring individual responsibility to this situation for people who choose to live unhealthy. And we need more healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics so we have a large enough. Healthcare industry to deal with all of the new patients that will be coming into the system thanks to. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 legislation that I still support today.

Healthcare reform is one of the reasons why I launched FRSFreeStates back in 2009. Because I knew along with the economy that it would be the driving issue of that year. And I had already put together a rough draft of what healthcare reform would look like if I wrote the bill. If President Barack Obama assigned Erik Schneider from Bethesda, Maryland instead of the. United States Congress to write the healthcare reform bill. And the plan I put together is still up on this blog in the healthcare reform section and this is an issue I've been thinking about for a. While now and in that original plan I put down some ideas for preventive care and moving past sick care. In the areas of having people who choose to live unhealthy pay for the costs themselves of living unhealthy. With taxes on junk food and drink, alcohol and tobacco as well, as well as getting junk food and drink out of public schools and other public buildings in. This country and another plan to build more hospitals, clinics and recruit more healthcare professionals.

I've already laid out things I would like to do in healthcare reform and I would go further with reforming Medicare and Medicaid. So they are no longer compensating hospitals and doctors by the amount of healthcare they provide but by how healthy their patients are instead. But even we solve those problems as well, we still have a shortage of healthcare professionals. Doctors and nurses as well as hospitals and clinics in this country. So what I would like to do is to build off of the United Public Health Service, separate the Health and Human Services. Into two Federal departments, US Department of Human Services which would manage or oversee social insurance in this country. And have a US Department of Health which would manage our health and science research, like the NIH to use as an example. As well as oversee the hospitals and clinics in this country. But then create a new organization that would be non profit and if anything run independently of the Federal Government or allow each state to. Set up their own system of public hospitals and clinics in this country.

One of the reasons why we need comprehensive immigration reform in this country. Is because we simply don't have enough professionals, healthcare perfect example of that. And even we are successful with real education reform in this country, we are still probably ten years down. The line where we would see real progress in that area where we could produce enough professionals on our own. And not have to import anymore so we need knew healthcare professionals in this country and it starts with comprehensive immigration reform. But we have to go further with that and recruit more Americans to work in the healthcare industry. To be doctors and nurses and we need to build more hospitals, clinics and medical schools. Even have a national university for healthcare like we have with the military and get more doctors. And nurses in this country. And something like a US Healthcare Service would help with that.

Austin Millbarge: A Grace Kelly Tribute

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal

Grace Kelly was one of those special women who had the best of all worlds at least physically. One of the most gorgeous, as well as adorable women whose ever lived to go along with a nice body. And the only problem is that she died way too soon at fifty-three.The American Princess I believe is the best and most accurate nickname that you can give Amazing Grace, because that is what she was, even if informally. Because that is how she presented herself and how she carried herself. This gorgeous baby-face adorable women, with an incredible voice and personality, as well as intelligence and humor to go with those other qualities. And feeling for other people, that she wasn’t the only important person on the planet. And that all people mattered and were important also.