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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Al Jazeera: The Arab League 'Belongs to a Different Era'

The Arab League should figure out what type of organization they are, are they going to defend Arabs. And speak out for them and do whatever they can for them when they are attacked by Jews but not when Arabs are being attacked by their own governments. Like what we saw in Iraq 10-15 years ago or are they going to defend Arabs and do whatever they can for them, whenever they are. Attacked and by whoever is attacking them. And then they would have more credibility and be a force to reckon with, instead of just a mouthpiece for Authoritarian regimes.

Oscars: Video: 1955 Oscars, Grace Kelly Receiving an Oscar For Country Girl

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal

Never seen The Country Girl, or have even ever heard of The Country Girl. I’ve seen country girls and of course have heard of country girls. And I love them generally, because they tend to be very healthy women physically, who take care of themselves and love how they look and present themselves. But as far as commenting on that movie, it would be like a blind man trying to land a 747 in someone’s driveway. Why bother risking that, with all the potential fallout that could come as a result. But I’m familiar with Grace Kelly, the Amazing Grace and It can easily see why she won an Oscar for a movie I’ve never heard of. She’s The Amazing Grace after all, who could making talking about the weather sound fascinating. Because that is how great of a voice she had and how great of an actress she was.