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Monday, September 26, 2011

French Socialists claims Senate win in poll blow for President Sarkozy: Democratic Socialism alive in France

France is clearly not America we have some things in common but we are very different countries economically and politically. For example one of the top two parties in France, calls themselves the Socialist Party. And they would be considered Center Left by French Standards, whereas the Socialist Party in America. And their are more then one but they are all Third Parties and considered Far Left parties in America. Democratic Socialism is alive and well in France and it is Democratic Socialism. Not communism or Classical Socialism but Democratic Socialism, where France has a large Private Sector. One of the largest Private Sectors in the World and one of the largest economy's in the World. And one of the most Developed Nations in the World but where their Federal Government plays a much larger role. In providing Social Services in France, education, Healthcare, Health Insurance, pensions etc. Where in America the Private Sector plays a major role in providing all of these services. But where our Federal Government plays a role as well. But to a much smaller degree then France, France like I said is a Democratic Socialist country. There Federal Government plays a big role in providing all of these services but where their Private Sector plays a role as well. At least in Healthcare and education, they provide choice with their Social Insurance System as well.

Despite what Political Activist Michael Moore says about France. And them providing all of these Free Services, he's just dead wrong and I believe he knows better. None of them are free at least for the people that pay taxes, they all pay for these services through their taxes. One of the reasons why their taxes are so much higher then in America. Because their Federal Government is twice the size of ours as far of the Percentage of GDP. They pay to fiance their Federal Government where America has the largest Federal Government in the World. But we also have the largest economy in the World by three times. But we spend half of our GDP on our Federal Government compared with the European Union. Both America and France are just very different, americans expect to provide a lot of these Social Services for ourselves. Through our economy and decide for ourselves who we pay to get them. And then have the Freedom of Choice to decide for ourselves. Where the french expect their Federal Government to provide a lot of these Social Services for them through taxes.

In America the term socialist is used a lot of times as an insult, especially by conservatives and libertarians. To describe people as they see as socialist, like President Barack Obama to use as an example. Or they'll use the term socialist to describe policy's they disagree with, like the 2010 Affordable Care Act to use as an example. Where if you call a french person a socialist or call their country socialist, they'll probably agree with you. And even it take it as a complement, two different countries.

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