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Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Free Speech Has a Price": Only under certain circumstances

As long as people don't threaten to kill, physically or libel other people or yell fire like in a theater. People can pretty much say whatever the hell that they want to in America. Without facing consequences at least from government, its that simple. That includes Hate Speech and the Westboro Church case back in March is a perfect example of this. You can call people whatever the hell you want to and say whatever the hell you want to them. As long as you don't threaten to physically hurt them, kill them or libel them. And then they can say whatever the hell that they want to in response in reply. Under the same certain conditions in response, thats what Free Speech is about. Its not just about Political Speech or Religious Speech for Christians of course. That some Neoconservatives may suggest. That however doesn't mean that when people say something that offends or that other people disagree with. That their aren't potential consequences for what people say, nor should their be in any Liberal Democracy. People can respond to each other indefinitely as long as they don't threaten to physically hurt or kill someone or libel them. Yes Free Speech does come with a price but that doesn't mean its not worth paying.

People have to understand when living in a Liberal Democracy that before they say something that may offend others. Or others may disagree with, especially controversial things that may be viewed as bigoted. That the people who are offended or disagree with you may respond and hit hard back. So if your going to be very expressive and feel the need to express yourself on Controversial Issues. That you better have Thick Skin and not be easily offended. Especially when people say things to you that you know is wrong and if anything is ignorant. Me personally as far as I'm concern, people can say and should feel free to say whatever they want to me. Just as long as they say it to my face and not behind my back. For one thing I pretty much know when someone has an opinion about me and what it is. And when I disagree with it, so what everyone is entitled to an opinion. And when they are right I take it for what its worth and move on with my life. Its not the act thats the problem but the coverup thats the problem. A lesson from the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s.

So to answer the question Free Speech does come with a price, the price being that people can talk back. Which is a good lesson in my case like my blog to use as an example. I allow people to say whatever they want to about it, now I prefer that they are on topic and not make it personal. They also need to know however that if they are going to hit me, that I'll probably hit back. Unless they are so ignorant that they aren't worth my time. And by the way I'm Thick Skin and I hit hard, not bragging just a fact.

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