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Thursday, October 27, 2011

JCV Dude: Occupy Wall Street and Health Care

Source: JCV Dude-
Source: JCV Dude: Occupy Wall Street and Health Care

Occupy Wall Street as least the non or bi partisan aspects of it, are about protesting against Wall Street. And are tired of Wall Street getting bailed out for their bad behavior. And their relationship with the Federal Government and all of the corporate welfare Wall Street gets from taxpayers and the fact that they've seen their profits go up the last ten years. While the rest of the country have seen their income go down. And have decided to take out all of their anger on Wall Street and Corporate America broadly.

The OWS is in excellent shape politically, because its not just Social Democrats who support this type of movement. Even though its always assumed they are behind this type of movement, where this movement is not united. Is what comes next, what happens after OWS gets what they want in the short-term. An end to corporate welfare and some type of campaign finance reform that limits how Corporate America can influence government. And requires them to disclose their activities as it relates to the Federal Government.

What does the alternative agenda look like after Cowboy Capitalism is ended and defeated? What does "economic justice" a term that Socialists use all the time look like. Last night I laid out what socialist tax reform looks like. With steep tax hikes on everybody with the starting income tax rate starting at around 25%. Plus an additional value added tax which looks similar to a consumption tax. Thats a nonstarter that will never happen. So what else do Socialists have in mind to bring "economic justice" to America. Tonight I'll focus on health care reform.

American Socialists when they make their case for single payer health insurance, what they call Medicare For All, argue that one reason why we should do this, is because the rest of the world has single payer health insurance. Where the Federal Government runs health insurance, whether people like that or not. Nothing liberal democratic about that. This would qualify as social democratic. The problem with their argument, is that they are simply wrong. What the rest of the developed world has is what's called universal health care. Where most if not the entire country has access to health insurance and health care.

Which is different from government-run health insurance and health care. What a lot if not European nations have including the United Kingdom, is a public private health care system. Which includes both health insurance and health care. France and Germany being excellent examples of this where they have what the Obama Administration was arguing for in the drawn out health care reform debate of 2009-10 is a public option in health insurance and health care. Which is what I've been arguing for the last three years. And still believe in it, where the people no one else gets to decide where they get their health care and health insurance. Public or Private their freedom of choice.

I made this argument a couple of weeks ago, but for single payer healthcare supporters, Democratic Socialists in America to get the economic system that they want, they have to take their agenda to the people. To get what they want by convincing that they are right and that a big problem with our economic system is that we have too much freedom. And that we need more government control, including in health care. And that's exactly what you see them trying to do right now with the OWS  movement. And we'll see what kind of success they have in the future.