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Friday, February 22, 2013

Salon: Politics: David Sirota: Not all Democrats are Elizabeth Warren: The Multiple Factions in The Democratic Party

Not all Dems are Elizabeth Warren

This is a great blog for a Democrat such as myself or any other Democratic blogger to blogging about especially on a Friday. Because it gets to the heart of the Democratic Party a party I'm still proud to be a member of going on fifteen years now officially. Even though ideologically I've always been one but its true as I've blogged before that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are made into different. Factions and when those factions come together, it makes the parties very difficult to beat or negotiate with. Because they know they have the upper hand exactly where the Democratic Party is today at the national level. Which is why Republicans are more then willing to negotiate with Democrats right now on some key issues like immigration for fear of losing more power.

The Democratic Party is really more of a political organization or club then its a political party. A big reason why its not called the Liberal Party or Social-Democratic Party or Centrist Party. Because it represents all of three of those factions and parties and why we have a Democratic Party. With a Barack Obama, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and others representing the Liberal faction of the party. And there are the Elizabeth Warren's, Barney Frank's, Tom Harkin's and others representing the what I call the. Social-Democratic or Democratic-Socialist faction of the party even though they probably prefer to be called. The Progressives but those last three labels essentially means the same thing ideologically. A good way to look at I guess from a pop culture point of view, is CNN representing the Liberal-Democrats where. I am ideologically with Fareed Zakaria and others and then MSNBC representing the Social-Democrats. And then to the right of the Liberals you have the Centrists, people like Mary Landrieu, Joe Manchin. Joe Lieberman and others who are basically Moderate-Liberals but sometimes in the mushy middle.

At risk at sounding partisan from a Republican or Progressive point of view but the Democratic Leadership. Is better at controlling its lets say further left flank people who worry about the Democratic Party not going far enough and sounding too much like Capitalists and so fourth. Especially in the areas of deficit reduction, trade, healthcare and so fourth and believe the Leadership at least at times is too. Willing to deal with Republicans and this is for a couple reasons. Liberals and Progressives in the Democratic Party for the most part share the same goals, not so much in the Republican Party especially. On social issues and Progressives at least lately have been willing to accomplish some or most of their goals. When it comes to policy instead of saying we have to get everything or nothing and have been more reasonable. The 2010 Affordable Care Act where Progressives wanted either single payer or a public option is a perfect example of that.

The other reason why the Democratic Leadership has had an easier time dealing with Progressives. Is because Progressives are more scared of Republicans getting all of the power in Washington then the. Other way around and Republicans are more willing to fight for all of their principles and get nothing at all. So in the Democratic Party we really have three parties in it and the Republican Party has three as well. That I might get to in a future blog.