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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman Interviewing Naomi Klein- Anti-Union & The Budget Crisis, Bills & Shock Doctrine American Style

Source: Democracy Now-Naomi Klein-
Source: Democracy Now: Amy Goodman Interviewing Naomi Klein- Anti-Union & Budget Crisis & Shock Doctrine American Style

I'll admit, I'm not very familiar with Naomi Klein. But the few times I've heard her speak, I've disagreed on every point she's made, but found her interesting every time. Which is why I've listen to her multiple times. But apparently snow is falling in South Florida in July because I've found something that I agree with Naomi Klein on. Not that I've looked very hard which is why am I for worker rights. I believe this is a simple question and to be somewhat flip. Which I'll admit won't be my first time, I'll answer that with a question . Imagine what America would be without workers rights. Workers would literally be at the knees of management, whether its coming from the private or public sector. I'm not anti-management, far from it. I'm a big fan of American capitalism. When it actually is American capitalism and not cowboy capitalism. But without workers rights, management could essentially do whatever they want to do to their workforce.

And the employees wouldn't have a way to appeal what management is doing, perhaps not even be able to complain to management about the working conditions. Without their own recourse to be able to leave their job. Which might not make any other sense, because they might need the exact job that they have. So that wouldn't be much of a choice for them. Labor unions are there to essentially fight for their members to give them the best benefits as possible. That is essentially their only job at all if you think about. Teacher unions the perfect example of this and they do this by keeping management in check so they don't go too far. It's actually in the self-interest of management to have the best pay and benefits as possible, to have the best workforce possible. So they work as hard as possible and are productive as possible to make the company or government as effective as possible. And in the private sectors case as profitable as possible.

But management doesn't always understand this and they look straight at their bottom line and look to cut costs as much as possible to save as much money as possible. Not realizing that they are actually hurting their company or agency in the long run. Because high skill people won't want to work their because of the low pay and poor benefits. Another thing about labor unions and workers rights if we didn't have them, think about it. No weekend, no overtime pay, no Social Security, no Unemployment Insurance, no forty-hour workweek, no pensions, so safe working conditions. I mean you could go down the line. Labor Unions aren't perfect and of course they have their weakness's, but neither is management, but together when they are both doing their jobs and working together, they form a partnership for progress in America. You give is this and we'll give you that. You give up this and we'll give up that. Just because something is not working perfectly, doesn't mean you have to eliminate it. You can always try to reform as well which is another option.