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Monday, December 17, 2012

New America Foundation: The Next Social Contract: What is Economic Liberalism

I read a blog today in the New American Foundation which is a mixture of Progressive and Liberal thinking. That was about essentially the next social contract in America and what it should be about and what. It should include and the person making the case was talking about a healthcare system that would be funded. By tax dollars and run by the Federal Government at least when it comes to health insurance, a retirement system. That would be expanded and universal at least in the sense that all Americans would have access to a pension. Not necessarily run by the Federal Government but it would be expanded and a public education. System where the idea of reform would be the Federal Government to spend a lot more money on it and. Of course a VAT or consumption tax to go along with the income tax to fund all of these new social investments. Made by the Federal Government, this what a social contract would look like if it was written by. Progressive/Social Democrats and it exactly what economic Progressivism as I would call it Democratic Socialism. Looks like whether its in America or somewhere else.

To me as a Liberal I guess a social contract would be the safety net that would be there for people. Who need it and there for people who want to pay into it, meaning Medicare wouldn't just be there for seniors. But non senior adults who are working would have the option to use Medicare as their health insurance. To use as an example but for the most part for people who for the time being can't support themselves financially. But the safety net really only provides the basic needs for people to survive who can't at the moment. Take care of themselves but for everyone else there should be what I call an opportunity society. Or a Workers Bill of Rights which would not be a collection of current or new social insurance programs but the. Opportunity for workers to chart their own course in life built around universal access to a quality. Education from K through higher education that would be affordable to everyone and have the freedom. To take out of life what they put into it and taxed based on what they take from life rather then. What they contribute to it at a fair percentage but not taxed a lot just because they are wealthy.

The common notion of what a social contract is basically what a so called welfare state looks like which. Is a collection of government programs that are there to take care of people but economic Liberalism. Is about equality of opportunity empowering everyone in the country to be able to take care of themselves. And independent of government to provide for their economic well being because they have the freedom to take care of themselves.