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Sunday, October 21, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America: George McGovern Dead: Former US Senator, 1972 Democratic Presidential Nominee Dead at 90

I wrote a blog about George McGovern on Friday but again he's worth several blogs, articles, books, documentaries even. Because he was a true Public Servant and lived a great life a great man, the positive aspects of George McGovern, were that he said what he believed and knew to be the. Truth, he didn't poll test his arguments but he said what came from his heart and brain, based on his own vast experience, whether it was on Foreign Policy, someone who was a World War II veteran. A pilot in World War II, he could speak about the dangers of war and why some wars were wrong, because he went through that experience himself, he could talk about the costs of war, unlike. Someone who decided they are now a pacifist but has no experience in Foreign Policy to speak of, George McGovern brought experience and judgement to these issues, because he lived through. Them and knew when it was a good time to use Military Force and when the United States should backup, the same experience that John Kerry brought to Foreign Policy, when he ran for President. In 2004, the only really negative thing I would say about George McGovern, was the he was basically the Dennis Kucinich of his time, someone who could work with others to pass legislation. Something Representative Kucinich doesn't have much experience in doing but how he was similar to Representative Kucinich, was that he had a tendency to look at the World. They way he wanted it to be rather then how it was, so his policies had a tendency to look unrealistic.

Al Jazeera: Significance of Cuba's Municipal Elections

Just the fact that Cuba is having elections at all, is a big deal, even if only Communists or Socialists can run for office.