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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thom Hartman on Barack Obama from 2009: A Takeover of the Democratic Party?

What Progressive Socialists in the Democratic Party are facing right now is a numbers game. The numbers are just not on their side, the money as well as members in the Democratic Party. If you look at both the House and Senate or Democratic Governors, the House 50 seats maybe, Senate 3-5, Governors other then maybe Jerry Brown of California. Who used to definitely be a Progressive Democrat until he became more mainstream, partially to be Governor again. And perhaps because he also grew up, the Rossevelt Coalition and FDR was basically only a Progressive on Economic Policy. But that coalition is now gone as far as running the Democratic Party, the JFK Coalition now runs the Democratic Party. With people like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and others. I love Jesse Jackson and respect his son Jesse JR who's a Progressive Representative from Illinois. But that coalition no longer runs the DP, Liberal Democrats in the real sense. People who are very liberal on Social Issues and Foreign Policy but don't scare Private Enterprise. With High Taxes and Regulations that run them out of business either, or use Anti Business rhetoric. Who can work with the Private Sector to make the country better and this is something that Progressive Democrats hate right now. And why they are threatening to leave the Democratic Party, while others stay because they believe they have a stronger voice in a major Liberal Party then a minor Progressive Party.

Long term I believe Democratic Socialists in America including Progressive Democrats, are better off with their own Political Party. There's already a minor Third Party in America called the Progressive Party. And there's also the Democratic Socialist Party and the Green party, they wouldn't win many elections in 2012. It would probably be at least 2016 before they became any factor, but you pull these four Political Groups together into one Progressive Party. Including all of the people in the Occupy Wall Street Movement that are scattered amongst several different parties. And then progressives in America would finally have their own party that to speak to their members concerns and agendas. Get all of the Progressive Democrats in the House to become part of the Progressive Party for 2012. And run for reelection as Progressives in 2012 and get reelected. There would be a major Third Party in the House of Representatives going into the next Congress. It would cost House Democrats the control of the House for the next Congress, unless they work in coalition with House Democrats. Assuming their more Democrats and Progressives. Then republicans in the House in the next Congress and progressives would have leverage on the House Democratic Leadership to move their agenda.

For Progressives to accomplish things like having a Public Auto Company, Public Banks, Medicare For All Single Payer Health Insurance, Public Hospitals. Universal Higher Education, repeal all Tax Cuts passed since the end of the Eisenhower Administration. Build a new economy with Employee Ownership and I'm sure there's more. Then you need a Political Party thats powerful enough to deliver that agenda for you. And the Democratic Party is not a Socialist Party but a Liberal Party who disagrees with this agenda. Thats not the party to pass this agenda, Progressives need their own Political Party to get that done.