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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Young Turks: VA Health Chief Resigns Over Abortion Regulations

The Virginia State Government is even too big for some of the people who work for it

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman: As George McGovern Nears Death, How Antiwar Candidate Challenged Vietnam

I wrote a blog about Senator George McGovern a couple of months ago on his birthday but he's worth more. Then a few blogs, because he was a true believer in Democracy, not so much Liberal Democracy, which is what I believe in but more like Social Democracy. What I love about Senator McGovern is that he wanted Democracy to work for everyone, that all Americans should be able to contribute. To it, that we should all vote and that we should all have a stake and a role in Democracy and that this was exactly what the Democratic Party should be working for to bring about and that they. Had to capitalize on the Civil Rights battles of the 1960s, that produced all of those laws and to not only be able to communicate to majorities but minorities as well and tell them the Democratic Party. Should be your home, even though he only won around 39% of the vote in 1972, he brought in so many new Democrats to the party, that Jimmy Carter was able to capitalize on in 1976. Thats Senator McGovern's legacy, what he was able to do for the Democratic Party and Democracy in general, bringing in all of these new voters.

AlterNet: 14-Year Old Girl Faces Life In Prison for Killing Her Baby: "Is She a Victim Of Florida's Insane Abstinence Education?"

14-Year Old Girl Faces Life In Prison for Killing Her Baby: Is She a Victim Of Florida's Insane Abstinence Education? | Alternet

Another reason to not live in Florida, I couldn't afford the Big Government there