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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glenn Beck: Road to Socialism: Democratic Socialists: What is Socialism

What is socialism especially in America, as a confessed Political Junky who perhaps depending on who you talk to needs help with this as I would call hobby or profession or both even. Others perhaps would use less nicer terms to describe Political Junkies. But now I'm off track and I'll get back, I'm serious. What I respect about socialism, as someone who's not a socialist in any form. I'm not a Classical Socialist or a Democratic Socialist and I'll explain those terms later, if your still awake. But I'm not a Classical Socialist or a Democratic Socialist but a liberal but what I respect about socialism as an ideology and myself as a Political Junky. Is its diversity, there are multiple forms of socialism, just like there are multiple forms of conservatism and libertarianism. See with the more diversity in an ideology, the more creativity that it has and the less predictable it is. And the more ideas that can come into it.

There are Classical Socialism that believe that the State meaning the Central Government, in the United States case the Federal Government. That believe the State should own the Means of Production in Society. Meaning the economy, that there is no such thing as a Private Sector because the State owns the economy and all the property. That there are no such thing as Property Rights because the State owns everything. North Korea or as I like to call them the Communist Republic of Korea, is the perfect example of a Socialist Economy. Because there's no such thing as a Private Sector in North Korea. But then there's Democratic Socialism which is very common in Europe and even Canada but perhaps to a smaller degree. That believe the country should have a Capitalist Economy but that where the people are essentially Highly Subsidized. They believe in the Welfare State, something that Classical Socialists believe in as well. But that there's a large Private Sector where people have Property Rights. But that its Highly Taxed and Regulated by American Standards, to finance a very large and generous again by American Standards, Welfare State. That provides Health Care, which isn't free, Health Insurance, which isn't free, pension, which isn't free, education, which isn't free, transportation which isn't free and other State Owned Human Services. Provided by the Central Government that financed by High Taxes by once again American Standards. Sweden is a perfect example of Democratic Socialist country.

A lot of Americans and American Politicians, especially in Congress but in other places as well. Have been labeled as socialists and there also other people and American Politicians. Who've been labeled as liberal but who are actually Democratic Socialists, the House Progressive Caucus, Rep. Dennis Kucinich from Ohio, Sen. Bernie Sanders. There's actually a Political Party in America called the Democratic Socialist Party, that I believe Sen. Sanders is a member of. And as a liberal I find this insulting because I have a lot of policy differences with socialists, classical or democratic. Liberalism and socialism are two different ideology's. Democratic Socialists in America would essentially like to see America become like Sweden. Where the State provides the Health Insurance and Health Care, education, pension and so on.

So I'm not a fan of socialism except for the fact they believe in protecting Workers Rights and having a Safety Net that people can go to when they need it. But as a Political Junky I find it fascinating and wouldn't even mind seeing it grow in America. To the point that the Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party, leave my party and move to the Democratic Socialist Party.