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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mike Papantonio: "Why Young Voters Are Leaving GOP": The Bleak Future of the GOP if They Stay on Course

I wrote a couple blogs about this last month about young voters but politically, we are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian as a country and less Statist or Progressive. The younger we get as a country, the more young people take the approach that we want government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Which is why young people wouldn't vote for someone like Dennis Kucinich for President, because a lot of young people are now working in Business, including Small Business. And would be worried about someone like a Dennis Kucinich taxing and regulating them out of Business. They don't like high taxes and they also wouldn't vote for someone like Rick Santorum, because they would be worried about all of these restrictions that they would put on their lives. What they can watch on TV, what they can read, they don't tend to be homophobic and don't like Rick Santorum's homophobic rhetoric. Young voters are also against things like the War on Drugs, Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention, big problems for President Obama. And he's going to have to bring these people back to them.

The problem with the Republican Party with young people and the country as a whole, as we are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian. The GOP is becoming moving more to the right and becoming more Neoconservative, to the point that someone like a Rick Santorum can finish 2nd in Presidential Delegates for the Presidential Nomination. Where even twenty years ago, when I was still in High School, which wasn't that long ago, as I try to remind myself. Someone like Rick Santorum would be considered a Fringe Candidate in a Conservative Party, way too far to the right to be taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate. But in today's Neoconservative GOP, people like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann fit in perfectly with the GOP. Thats a huge problem for the GOP, because we aren't gaining more Neoconservatives, they are aging and dying off. But Liberals and Libertarians are coming up.

Ronald Reagan did very well with young voters when he ran for President and reelection. I believe he won that vote overwhelmingly in both 1980 and 84, because they saw him as someone who would stay out of their wallets and bedrooms. He cut their taxes and regulations, stayed out of the Christian Conservative agenda. Those days are gone in the GOP, as they've moved farther to the right and now push Social Issues to the for front.