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Friday, September 9, 2011

President Barack Obama's Speech To Congress On Jobs: The President Goes on the Record

Actually I would prefer to call this blog President Obama finally goes on the record, but I'm limited as far as how many characters I can share. When it comes to titles on posts with Social Networks and you really need to be a Social Networker to understand what that means. And if your absolutely dying to know what that means, send me an email and I may answer that for your you. But keep in mind I might ask to see proof that your actually dying, so I don't expect seeing any emails on Social Networking. But so be it I can put the full title of my blog, on guess what any guesses, my blog!

So moving on I would give President Obama 9.5 tonight which would be like a three run Home Run for you baseball fans, on tone substance and length. My only problem with the President's Speech would be him pushing for Tax Credits to encourage business's to hire. Its not that business's don't want to hire right now, its that they don't believe they can afford to hire. Because of the lack of demand, any Tax Credits should relate in encouraging people and business's to spend money because of our lack of demand. Which would lead into more hiring to meet the new demand, something like a Payroll Tax Cut, or Consumer Tax Credit that people would have to spend and not save. Or do something with the Housing Crisis, allowing people to deduct the losses of their homes as a result of the "Great Recession". Not because they bought a home they couldn't afford. But President Obama was very strong on Infrastructure Spending without actually mentioning infrastructure.

Coming out in favor and going on the record for a National Infrastructure Bank which would pay for itself after it gets Start Up Capitol. And the figure is good as well 447B$, I would put most of that money in a NIB and let them do their work. Start rebuilding and building schools, bridges, airports, dams, highways, buildings etc, to start putting our Construction Workers back to work. Not only an extension in Unemployment Insurance but empowering these people to go back to school and get additional skills. As well as subsidizing their employment as they go back to work for free as far as where they work. But they would still have their Unemployment Insurance and be able to keep their skills in check, especially for the long term unemployed. As well as passing the three Trade Deals that he hasn't pushed very hard or even sent up to Congress. Central America, Columbia and Korea. So American Business's can sell their products oversees and we can have the same Trade Access in Foreign Markets as they have here.

I believe the President went into this speech knowing that the House Republican Leadership won't pass it as it clearly stands. But with how House Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor have reacted to it, not calling it DOA. And being in favor of some type of Payroll Tax Credit as well as Infrastructure Spending. Tells me that their might be some type of American Jobs Act that could pass the House in a few months. That the President would support and hopefully the Democratic Senate and Leader Reid will push the President's bill as it clearly stands. To get a final bill that looks as close to the AJA as possible. The President has been talking about creating jobs for thirty three months now, without actually putting anything in writing and sending something up to Congress. And tonight he finally went on the record and put a jobs plan on the table.