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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"The Emperor Has No Clothes": What Democratic Socialists can do

Norman Solomon Progressive Democratic Candidate for the House in California represents exactly what Democratic Socialists. Progressive Socialists should be doing right now. You can't get a job or you can't get power unless you apply for it, especially in American Politics. If you don't like the Democratic Party or the Democratic Leadership. And you feel left out of power but you want to stay in the Democratic Party. Which to me is an issue that I'll get to later, then you have to run for office. The Progressive Caucus has between 45-50 Members in Congress out of 535 Members. And most of them are in the House of Representatives, that right there explains why they don't have much power. They are basically like a Third Party in Parliament right now, the Tea Party officially became a Caucus in the House. In this Congress they have about sixty members and been around less then a year. They felt left out during the Bush Administration and those Republican Congress's. With the two wars and all the money the Federal Government was spending with the wars and the Medicare Drug Benefit. And the trillions of dollars that was borrowed to pay for those things. They obviously don't like the last two Democratic Congress's as well as the Obama Administration. And consider Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama socialists, so what did they do. They got organized, ran for Congress and got elected. Republicans take control of the House and pick up six seats in the Senate.

Lately Democratic Socialists have taken a page from the Tea Party playbook and have gotten organized. Forming the Occupy Wall Street Movement and we'll see what kind of success they have with that. And if any of their members run for Congress and get elected, sitting on your hands doesn't pay the bills. If you want something, instead of just complaining. And throwing out bogus charges calling Barack Obama a "Moderate Republican", I even heard the President be called a "Neoconservative". Which I thought was funny, they obviously don't know what that term means. He's also been labeled a "War Monger", I mean if they don't like Barack Obama, they shouldn't of backed in 2008. And backed someone who fits in much better with them ideologically. Like Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader, now there are two Democratic Socialists. That would try to do as President, which will never happen of course what they want politically. With the high Tax Rates ranging from 25-90%, to finance things they want. A Single Payer Medicare For All Healthcare System, Universal Higher Education etc all provided by the Federal Government.

Again if socialists don't like the Democratic Party and feel left out, then they should either try to elect more of their members. Or leave and form their own party along with the Green Party and Democratic Socialist Party. Into one united Progressive Party, they simply don't have enough power right now. To force the Democratic Leadership to do anything that they want them to do as of right now.

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