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Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Chavez Venezuela not the enemy": Or the new Fidel Castro of Latin America

I'll give President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela credit, he did come to power legally and democratically. And not to compare President Chavez with Adolph Hitler Chancellor of Nazi Germany. Other then the fact that they were both elected legally and democratically. But then they both used democratic means to establish their authoritarian goals, Chancellor Hitler was a dictator and evil one at that. Not many more evil people period then Adolph Hitler in World History and Hugo Chavez who I don't see as evil. But if he's not the Dictator of Venezuela, definitely has aspirations of being the Dictator of Venezuela. He's made statements basically saying that one of his goals is to be the Fidel Castro of South America. Fidel Castro is a communist obviously who came into power in a Military Revolution, so that alone gives President Chavez a leg up on President Castro who came into power democratically. I give credit to President Chavez for wanting to make Venezuela a more progressive country. Where everyone can get a quality education and have access to quality Health Insurance and Health Care. Two things that President Castro has managed to establish in Cuba, as well as President Chavez wanting all venezuelans who can work be able to get a job. And wanting to close the Income Gap between rich and poor etc, like I said there are some positive aspects to Hugo Chavez,

I don't consider himself to be an evil man. The Democratic Opposition in Venezuela might see Chavez differently though but Hugo Chavez is a socialist and not a Classical Socialist or even a Democratic Socialist. But at least a borderline communist someone with serious authoritarian leanings with aspirations of being a dictator. And a dictator of a fairly good size country of 27M people with significant Natural Resources. Who's not interested in having a Democratic Opposition which is why he's shut down some newspapers and nationalized some Broadcast Networks in Venezuela. As well as nationalize some Venezuelan Industry's in energy and communications. Just like Fidel Castro in Cuba and today fifty years later they are a Third World country. Give President Chavez time and maybe the entire Venezuela Economy will be nationalized.

But the good news for Venezuela is that the Democratic Opposition picked up seats in the National Assembly last year. Chavez's Socialist Party or whatever its called still has a significant majority there. But democracy or at least the wanting of democracy is still alive and perhaps well in Venezuela. And perhaps in the next General Election in Venezuela, maybe Hugo Chavez will be knocked out of power legally and democratically just like he came into power. And then if that happens big if, the question will be will President Chavez step down from power or call the election bogus or something. And unilaterally declare himself the winner which is what a lot of dictators do. Slobodon Milosevic of Serbia being a pretty good example of this.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from Russia Today on President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela