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Friday, May 11, 2012

Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?: Defining what Healthcare in America is

Is Healthcare a right or privilege? I don't believe thats the right question and it depends on who you ask. And what country you live in, Healthcare by law, is something that all Americans are entitled to. If they are in position to receive it, meaning that Healthcare is available to them. When they need it, for example your in a car accident and you get rushed to a Emergency Room. Then you would automatically get Healthcare, whether you want it or not. And won't even have to pay for it, if you are uninsured and can't afford it. But if you get shot in an alley and no one else sees it and is available to help you. And you have no access to anyone that can help you. Perhaps your knocked out and can't get yourself to a hospital. You may bleed to death and not have the access you need to Healthcare. We don't in America have a Constitutional Right to Healthcare. But by law if we need and can get to it or someone can get it to us or get us there to receive it. We get that Healthcare or at least enough of it to save our lives. Down the road it might get to our level of Health Insurance and how much we can pay for our Healthcare. And thats something we need to solve as a country.

Health Insurance is not a Constitutional Right in the United States, whether it should be or not. And again that gets to who you ask but its not a Constitutional Right as of right now. And thats what really the Healthcare Reform debate is about in America. At least amongst the people who believe we should reform our Healthcare System and I'm certainly one of them. Health Insurance in America, is similar to all other forms of Insurance. Its a product that if you have it and unless your on Medicaid. You pay for out of what you make, it generally comes out of your paycheck. And the real debate is how do we reform our Health Payment System. So that more people are covered by Health Insurance. At an affordable rate and that we all pay for our share of our Healthcare Costs. Which would bring those Healthcare Costs down for everyone. Because instead of people paying for their Healthcare Costs as well as others. That have no relation to them, other then living in the same country. They would just have to pay for their Healthcare Costs.

Again the real question gets to Health Payments in America and it doesn't even have to be Health Insurance. That is one avenue but not the only one we have to take. We could allow for people to set up Health Savings Accounts. Where they would put a certain percentage of their income in a HSA. Perhaps matched by their employer or have a Health Insurance System. That only cover serious conditions, so we wouldn't have to take out of it as often. And could build up that fund and pay for routine procedures out of pocket. Or for the people who can afford it, pay for their Healthcare completely out of pocket. But Health Insurance itself, is not a right or a privilege but a product. Like anything else we buy in this country.

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