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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Why Private Insurers At All?": Lets Let the People Decide about their own Health Insurance

The reason why he have Private Insurers at all is the same reason why we have Private Automakers, Private Hospitals Private anything else. That we purchase as a country, because its up to individuals not government to decide how they get these services. Which is something that I don't believe Supporters of Single Payer Medicare For All Health Insurance doesn't understand. That lets say hypothetically Government Health Insurance is the best, I don't believe it is. But for the purpose of this blog I'll put it hypothetically. Great then the people who want that would be able to get that Health Insurance. On their own if you expanded Medicare to cover that and the people who disagree with that 60% of the population. That likes their current Health Insurance, which was the whole point of President Obama and the Democratic Leadership. In the 2009-10 Healthcare Reform Debate saying that if you like your current Health Insurance you can keep it. But if you don't you can purchase the Public Option. Instead of government saying that we know best and we are going to by force make you purchase Medicare For All. A Public Option is about Freedom of Choice, unlimited Free and Fair Open Competition. Medicare For All is about Big Government knows best and this is how its going to be so deal with it. Eliminating Freedom of Choice in Health Insurance perhaps even Healthcare as a whole. Thats why Single Payer has never been on the table in these Healthcare Debates, because the American People generally want to make these decisions on their own. Without Big Government trying to make these decisions for them.

Some of the reasons why proponents of Single Payer Medicare For All Health Insurance say that thats the Healthcare System. We should have, the rest of the Industrial World has it and its free. The free argument isn't made that much anymore because even they know its not true and so does a lot of the country as well. The rest of the Industrial World argument, well if the rest of the Industrial World is Canada, Scandinavia and maybe Australia. Combine population of 80M people, then they are correct but of course thats not true. Even Britain one of the most if not most Socialist Democracy in the World. Now has Private Options in both Healthcare and Health Insurance. France considered by a lot of people, including myself believe has the best Healthcare System in the World. Has Private Options and Public Options in both Healthcare and Health Insurance. So does Germany Holland, Britain, Italy Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan and others. So what's the reaming argument, that Medicare has lower costs. Great then Medicare should do a better job of getting the word out on that and maybe they would have more customers. And people who like their current Health Insurance can stick to that, thats what Freedom of Choice is about. Letting the individuals make these decisions for themselves, instead of government making them for them.

I supported the Public Option in the Healthcare Reform Debate and put it in my own Healthcare Reform Plan in my blogs. Because of course there are too many abuses in the Private Health Insurance System. And a big reason why our Healthcare Costs are way to high and that they needed to be regulated. With new Consumer Protections and needed more competition but again what's the two words in Public Option. Hopefully you don't need someone to tell you the answer to that, its a Public Option that people would be Free to Choose. Or Free not to Choose, their decision because thats what Freedom of Choice is about, the Freedom of individuals to make these Personal Decisions on their own. Not government making them for them.