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Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Legalization Of Marijuana Now Mainstream In America!": No Longer Extreme

When you look at the War on Drugs which the Federal Government in the United States. Officially declared in 1971 under President Nixon, I was born in 1975. So unfortunately I've had to live through most of that war, just not a victim of. Because I and the rest of the family doesn't do narcotics, other then alcohol and tobacco which are both legal by the way. When you see the victims of this war, when you look at the increases in our Prison Population. Under President Nixon which exploded under President Reagan, also when up under President HW Bush and President Clinton as well. Three basically Conservative Republicans and a Liberal Democrat all playing a major role in the War on Drugs. I would argue the Failed War on Drugs, you see a lot of victims in this war. People who are facing long Prison Sentences, even though they haven't hurt anybody. America is suppose to be a Liberal Democracy a Free Society, how contradictory is that. Yet we have 2M people in Prison in America, I would argue most of those people. That are in Prison, are there for good reason, for harming society and are guilty. There exceptions for everything of course but generally most of our Prison Inmates are where they should be. Until they complete their Prison Sentences, I'm not "Soft on Crime" or an anarchist. But how about the hundreds of thousands of Prison Inmates that are there for using narcotics, especially pot. These people aren't criminals but Narcotics Users and Addicts, they should be treated like patients.

As America gets younger we get more Liberal and Libertarian as a society, I'm a perfect example of that. I'm 36 and I'm a Liberal Democrat, the Ron Paul Libertarian Movement. Is another perfect example of that and we tend to have less faith in government and the establishment. Especially when they try to tell us how to live our lives, try to choose our Healthcare and Healthcare Provider. What we can do with our own money, what Medical Procedures we can have. Who we can marry and sleep with etc and the new Poll Numbers about Legalization of Marijuana suggest that as well. Liberals and Libertarians like the idea because it would give us more freedom. Progressives and Socialists like the idea, because they see it as more Tax Revenue for Government. Classical Conservatives are starting to get behind the idea as well. Again because they see it as a Freedom of Choice Issue. People lets say fifty and under tend to like the idea of Marijuana Legalization, President Obama would be an exception to that. Because younger people tend to be again Liberal to Libertarian and have lived through the War on Drugs. And perhaps have suffered from it or have friends and relatives that have suffered through it.

We right now have to Legal Narcotics that have been linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer. Yet they are both legal, being alcohol and tobacco. If you drink alcohol moderately and otherwise live healthy, you'll be all right. But we don't see a lot of old Lifetime Smokers, they tend to give up tobacco as their health goes south. Or they die, I'm not calling for Prohibition of Alcohol and Tobacco, all I'm saying is that we should Legalize, Regulate and Tax Marijuana, treat it the same way. A narcotic that presents similar Side Effects.