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Monday, May 21, 2012

David Frum on Washington Gridlock: "The Catastrophe (and the Cure?)": How we got this way and how we can fix it

My favorite satirist in the history of the universe, George Carlin said when he was talking about issues facing the country. And who was to blame for it, he always put the blame on one group of people and only one group. American Voters and why because these are the people who send the politicians to Congress and everywhere else, who screw things up and then we do something even more brilliant then that, if thats possible. We reelect them and we also have a bad habit of electing and reelecting people, that quite frankly don't deserve to be in Congress, the House or Senate. Democrat or Republican and aren't there to represent Joe and Mary Average and everyone else without major political connections but they are there to represent the people who put them in office, the people who finance their Political Campaigns. And use those resources to try to convince their constituents, Joe and Mary Average and everyone else, that they deserve to be reelected. Even though they aren't real Representatives or Senators as far as politicians that represent the people but who represent the Special Interests, Political Causes and Political Ideology they represent.

Another problem that we have as voters, incase the first two problems if that weren't bad enough, electing and reelecting the wrong people. Is we also have a tendency to elect and reelect the most partisan people that we can fine, people who aren't there to get things done. And to do that you almost always have to work with the other side and that means compromise, which lately has become a sin in Washington and with the fringes in American Politics. They aren't there to get things done but are there to pas whatever agenda they ran on to get to Congress in the first place. And that means not compromising, that gridlock is OK, if thats what happens instead of working with the other side to pass whatever bill is needed to deal with whatever problem. So we as voters are guilty of electing the wrong people, which is bad enough, then we reelect them, strike two and we elect and reelect the most partisan people possible and strikeout.

So thats the bad news, the good news is as voters is we are in position to fix the problems we created for ourselves. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils, if you don't like the two major candidates, vote for someone you do like, get involved yourself, write in someone you do like. Make sure you research the candidates and incumbents that you are considering voting for, That alone should give you a good idea of whether that person deserves you're vote or not. And then stop complaining about the problems you caused yourself.