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Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Fox News Blames Occupy Wall Street for Murder": FNC The Official Spokesperson for The Tea Party

Whether Fox News blamed Occupy Wall Street for some murder, I don't know and I don't really care, I didn't see the video. It wouldn't surprise me however though because FNC is in the business of promoting the Tea Party and Neoconservative Republicans and putting down anyone they see as the opposition. Which is most of the rest of the country, that just doesn't talk about believing in Individual Freedom but actually believes in what they talk about. Which are two different things, the same people who talk about that the Federal Government is too big and out of control. Are the same people who support the Federal Government when they crackdown on people for possessing or smoking marijuana. Or when they close down Medical Marijuana shops or bash homosexuals because they want to marry each other or call Abortion Doctors murderers or claim young adults aren't qualified to vote. Because they tend to vote for Democrats or immigrants and Latinos are Un American and shouldn't be allowed to vote or that Americans aren't qualified to vote for their Members of Congress. And that State Legislatures should make these decisions for us or support a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw pornography.

The Tea Party is now a Political Faction that believes in Freedom for people like them, that live the way they do. And that the rest of the country, which again is most of us, is Un American and should be in jail or something or denied the same rights as members of the Tea Party. And Fox News is in the business to defend the Tea Party movement, which is why they may or may not report stories accusing members of Occupy Wall Street of being murderers. And Fox News should be treated for what they are and nothing else.