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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

US Minimum Wage Workers Hold Protest: Why We Should Replace The Minimum Wage with a Living Wage

If the idea is to empower people who are in poverty whether they are working or not. To get out of poverty so they no longer need to collect from Public Assistance for their Daily Survival. And no I'm not talking about the Armed Forces or Law Enforcement that Progressives like to throw out there in these conversations. But peoples ability to pay their bills, then especially for Low Income Low Skilled workers, they have to have the incentive beyond the personal achievement of having a job. To go to and keep working, the work they do has to pay to the point that they are making more money working . Then unemployed and you don't get in that position if life when the job or perhaps two jobs that you have. Are the only sources of income you have, making 7-8$ an hour, with costs of food, energy, healthcare go down the line. If you are the only one that supports yourself, not including government, then you can't fully do that making 7-8$ an hour, you could probably make more money collecting. Unemployment or Welfare Insurance, especially with all the other benefits that come with those programs, like Medicaid, Food Assistance, Energy Assistance and so fourth.

To me at least as a Liberal, the idea of Public Assistance, is empowering the people who can't take care of themselves. With the power to be able to do that, so as we are sending people who are in Welfare and Unemployment Insurance back to school so they have the skills that they need. To be able to take care of themselves in the future, the idea of 7-8$ an hour is not enough motivation for them to leave Public Assistance with all of the benefits that comes from being on Public Assistance. These people should be in school getting themselves the skills that they need to get themselves good jobs that we can help them with. As well as we should be empowering our Low Income workers who need more skills to get a better job, with the ability to do that. While at the same time instead of encouraging these workers to leave the workforce so they can collect better benefits not working. Replacing the Minimum Wage with a Living Wage, so they can continue to work.

So this is what a Living Wage would look like under my plan, eliminate the Minimum Wage all together. And replace it with a 10$ an hour Living Wage for all full time workers who are 21 or over and allow their employers to deduct 30% of the costs of the Living Wage. So their payroll costs don't increase as a result and index the Living Wage for inflation. In English that would mean a 10$ an hour Living Wage would go up with inflation so it doesn't lose value lets say five years from now and become more like 7.50$ an hour as far as what its worth.