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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Daily Beast: Jeb Bush at the RNC Convention: How The GOP Has Moved Past Reagan/Bush Conservatism

I'm not a fan of former President George W. Bush and of course I'm not the only Democrat who believes that. Even though I treat him the respect that any Ex President who took at least four years out of their lives to lead this great country. And I don't see President W Bush as some evil moron that a lot of people on the left, especially far left see him as. I see him as basically a good decent guy who should've stayed in Texas for at least one more term and perhaps should've served in Congress for a few terms or in the cabinet. Before ever even of considered running for President of the United States, who was over his head as President. And having to make a lot of decisions as President that he was unqualified to make. But the people who have come after President Bush and I someone who managed to survive the eight years of the Bush Presidency, without leaving the country. But the Republicans who've replaced George W. Bush in leading the GOP, make Bush look like a Saint and a man of brilliance who can solve any issue that he faces. This is going to sound strange but today's GOP has moved to the right of George W. Bush and this is the guy. Who brought us Borrow and Spend Economics, Preemptive War, the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention.

Jeb Bush gave a good speech tonight but he was speaking to a GOP audience thats in the minority in this party. A message of tolerance, inclusion, Public Education but Public Education thats held accountable and thats not where the GOP is today, except for maybe on education. If you look at their platform, its a platform thats designed to win in Dixie and in the rest of the Bible Belt. That believes America has too much freedom which is hurting our morality as a country, not a platform thats designed to reach out and bring in new voters to the party. Especially young people, Latinos and Asians, people that the GOP badly needs if they are to remain a major party in American Politics in the next years. There are a couple of reasons of why I believe Jeb Bush is not running for President, the obvious one is because of the unpopularity of his brother. But the other has to do with the fact that he would be considered a Liberal in today's GOP.

Jeb Bush tonight was speaking tonight to an audience of Independent Voters, that perhaps he's trying to bring into the GOP. Rather then speaking to today's GOP thats run by Religious and Neoconservatives, that don't believe in a big America but limiting America and what it means to be an American. To people who think and live their lives the way they do, which is a shame for the GOP, because Jeb Bush could beat the Democrats.

American Prospect: The Hidden Candidate

The Hidden Candidate

This an insult to Tricky Dick, at least with Dick Nixon when he took position. Chances are people took him seriously that he believed what he was saying. Mitt Romney on the other hand what is he known for, for being a Flip Flopper.