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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Current TV: Michael Grunwald: The Takers vs The Makers, Who Pays Taxes: What Makes Economies Grow and Work

I'm going to go out of my way not to make this blog not sound like some Class Warfare argument, because thats not my politics left or right. And I simply don't believe in Class Warfare and thats all you need to know about that but if you hear today's GOP and I'm not even sure I want to call them Republicans anymore. Unless they are Republicans I actually respect and seem them as real Republicans and there are still plenty of Republicans I like and respect, so I'll talk about the Tea Party. And there not a lot of people in the Tea Party I respect especially as it relates to the economy today, because if you hear them talk about Economic Growth and not listen to anything else. Well first of all you'll be left out with at least half of the facts if not more but you'll get the idea that Economic Growth is driven by corporations and its executives and wealthy investors. That drive Economic Growth and perhaps to a certain extent Small Business and thats where it ends that the rest of us are lucky to have jobs and we have little to no impact on Economic Growth. When the fact is without labor and customers, we don't have any corporations or any Private Enterprise in the country.

Without executives and investors we don't have any Private Enterprise in the country as well but they are part of the package. Not the package itself and as far as who pays taxes, if you purchase things or work and get paid for a living, you pay taxes and in some cases the more you make. As an individual or business, the less you pay in taxes depending on how well you know the US Tax Code and how much influence you have over it, this is not Class Warfare but simple economic facts. Economic Growth is driven by demand and the supply which creates the work based on the demand, is depended on how much demand is out there, how much money do customers have and. How much they are willing to spend, thats Market Economics 101, as well as the quality of products that are being designed and produced, this is what creates Economic Growth that leads to Job Growth.

The new argument thats coming from todays GOP as it relates to taxes and the economy, that unless you pay Income Taxes. And they rarely mention the word Income which is a key word when it comes to Income Taxes, you are not a Tax Payer and you are some of moocher that sits on your rear end all day. Not producing something, when the fact is that anyone who works for a living or purchases items, is paying taxes and helping to drive Economic and Job Growth in this country.