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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Current TV: Joy Behar Show: Richard Belzer: "The Republican Party is not a Political Party, it's a Mental Condition": What Happens When You Leave The Children In Charge

I really would like to know what Barry Goldwater, Gerry Ford, Ron Reagan, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, assuming he's still alive somewhere. And what the hell, Dick Nixon even would think of today's Republican Party, a Party that actually has a pretty good history, that freed the African Slaves. Won the Civil War ended corporate monopolies and started regulating them, that gave us a National Highway System and if you think about it and just be real, gave us Civil Rights in the 1960s. Those laws don't happen without Congressional Republicans, more Republicans in Congress voted for those laws them Democrats or its about 50%, this is the party that opened up China and Russia. That ended those Socialist size Tax Rates in the 1980s, that ranged somewhere between 20-70%, that presided over the ending of the Cold War, how much credit President Reagan gets for that. Is a different discussion but it happened under his watch, what would these men that I mention, think about a party that coined the term, I don't want Big Government in my wallets or bedrooms. Think about a party that today wants Federal Agents tucking people in at night, to make sure no one is having fun, doing things they claim to be immoral. And wants to raise taxes on the Middle Class to pay for Tax Cuts for the wealthy.

I have a feeling what President Reagan would say, I've been to Russia and I know what Communists look like. I never thought I would seem them in power in America, thats not why we spend all of those tears, money and blood to stop and today's GOP looks like the Commies we defeated. Back in the day, Senator Goldwater would probably think he's in a different country and that this new country has borrowed our Constitution but they just aren't enforcing it. President Nixon would say something like, since when have Republicans become against clean air, President Ford might say, what happened to. The Conservative Republicans, I don't see many around anymore, Leader Dole might say, these are, the people I campaigned for in the South to get. Elected and reelected, I want a refund and then, If he ever saw that money, he would dedicate it to the World War II Memorial, the adults have left the building in the GOP and have never. Come back and this is what it looks like, when you leave the children in charge.

A party that use to be about Individual Freedom and not just Economic and Religious Freedom but Individual Freedom. And there's a difference, as well as Fiscal Responsibility, is now a party that believes everything should be on the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction, except for things. That could cost us politically, the military, Social Security and Medicare, the big free, a party that use to believe that Big Government is too big, is now a party that believes that. Big Government is too small and the problem with America, is Americans and they should be punished, they have become a party thats lacking in adult Leadership.

CBS News: Evening News: Drought Slowing Economic Growth

And yet President Obama seems to be pulling away with the election

The Nation: Blasphemy Is Good for You

Blasphemy Is Good for You

Why is it that lately all the anti Free Speech arguments have been coming from Progressives

Salon: Poll: Paul Ryan Budget a Loser in Swing States

Poll: Ryan budget a loser in swing states

Paul Ryan is a loser in swing States period, lets just lay it out there, he hasn't given Mitt Romney anything as. Far as closing the President Obama's lead, they are actually down more now and the three States that Representative Ryan was suppose to help Mitt, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. Are all headed for President Obama, oh did I mention that Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin and went to college in Ohio and has a Middle Class background.