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Monday, October 1, 2012

Al Jazeera: The US Obesity Threat: How to Cut Our Healthcare Costs, With Personal Responsibility & Preventive Care

For people who like to get on America for our high healthcare costs and for any American who does the. Same or is interested in why our healthcare costs are so high, all they have to do is look our, diabetes and obesity rates, both preventable diseases and diseases that are keeping our healthcare. Costs up as high as they are, not the only reasons but we have way to many Americans who need expensive healthcare and in a lot of cases that they can't afford to pay for it, they either don't. Have Health Insurance or their HI doesn't cover all of the costs and why is that, because how expensive it is but the good news is we don't have to have so many Americans in need for expensive. Healthcare, because they all have preventable diseases, they picked up diseases, that they could've avoided, so if we simply just took care of ourselves, quit smoking, drink less alcohol. Exercise well and often, eat a balance diet thats made up of food that we like and food thats good for us, hopefully diets that are made up of mostly food that we like and thats good for us.

The New York City model of essentially trying to force people to eat and drink better, is not necessary. And it won't work, New Yorkers will either get their junk from other jurisdictions or get their junk from people who bought it somewhere else and NYC will have a lost in Tax Revenue as a. Result, something that Progressives always depend on to fund all the government they want to. Serve the people or we'll see less New Yorkers living in NYC, moving to other cities and other States but we can bring down these healthcare costs by doing simple things that don't hurt our Individual Freedom. But puts an end to people passing their healthcare costs down on others, by establishing a simple basic, old fashion American Value, Personal Responsibility. You want to live unhealthy, I wish you wouldn't but I'm not going to put in jail for it, just hold you accountable for. Your unhealthy behavior and have you pay for your healthcare costs, the Individual Healthcare Mandate is a good step in this direction but we should taxing unhealthy behavior and subsidize healthy behavior.

Al Jazeera: "US Child Poverty Ignored in Election Campaigns"

Poverty should always be an issue, especially in a Presidential Campaign, which of course is a National Election. But the reason why it should always be an issue, because its about our fellow Americans who are barely surviving and there are things we can do for them, that will get them out of. Poverty and not be dependent on Public Assistance indefinitely.

AlterNet: Noam Chomsky on How Progressives Should Approach Election 2012

Noam Chomsky on How Progressives Should Approach Election 2012 | Alternet

To put it simply, Progressives should vote for the person that has fifty State Ballot Access, who has the best shot. Of beating Mitt Romney and the party that has the best shot at beating Neoconservative Tea Party Republicans. I realize the Democratic Leadership doesn't tend to be Socialist enough for Progressives but if they vote for anyone else, the Safety Net with a President Mitt Romney and Tea Party Congress, would be at. Risk, Economic Progressivism would be at risk, thats how Progressives should approach the 2012 elections.