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Sunday, November 18, 2012

AlterNet: Norman Solomon: The Way For Progressive Democrats To Build Their Movement Beyond The Democratic Party

If You Want to Build a Grassroots Base, Don't Look to Powerful Democrats in Washington for Cues | Alternet

Myself as a Liberal Democrat I like where we are politically, the party as a whole and I like where our leadership. Is even, even though I wish our leadership especially President Obama could play the biggest role on this like the War on Drugs, Patriot Act and indefinite detention. Was more Liberal on these social issues, but we as a party has a better as well as good message that communicates with the American. People that they agree with on things like the economy, how we get to deficit reduction, the economic freedom. For all and not just the wealthy but for everybody, we are much more inclusive as a party of people of all races, cultures, religions and lifestyles. As we've seen in the swing states that the President won and with the changing demographics in Texas, that state is about to become a lot more. Democratic and minority perhaps even within four years, so are message overall just works better then the Republican party right now.

But as I've blogged before the Democratic party is officially one party but we are actually multiple parties in one. Huge party that now represents more then 40% of the population, the largest and longest serving political party and I would argue. The most successful party in the free World, I'm sure Republicans hate hearing this but this is true but the problem. With having such a huge party with multiple factions, is that when one faction is leading, another is sorta watching and perhaps. Not in agreement with everything the leadership is pushing, because they are different politically and ideologically. Democratic party for the most part is made up of Liberal Democrats and Social Democrats, sorta how you see in Canada. Where the Conservative party there, are more like Liberal Democrats here then Republicans and the people who. Are suppose to be the Liberals are really like Social Democrats that you see in Europe.

Being a party this big gives us a lot of power and potential, because it puts us in position with the right candidates. And incumbents to run the table politically where we can win the Presidency and control both chambers of Congress. The problem with it, is that it can make us divided, Will Rogers once said he's not a member of a political party. Because he's a Democrat, which means he was really a member of several parties, not just one and Republicans have similar issues. So when the Democratic leadership puts a policy down and makes a decision, Progressives are almost always there to say that this doesn't. Go far enough, its not Progressive enough, another words government not doing and spending enough. And almost sound like a different political party.

Which gets to my last point for Progressive Democrats to ever really accomplish what they want, they need. A political party to do that, that puts in the leadership to accomplish what they want where the Federal Government. Has a welfare state that looks like Europe and spending and taxing and doing or trying to do, as much for the people that they want. They don't have that right now, what they have instead is a faction of a party but if you put all of the Social Democrats into one party in America. You could have a Progressive party big enough to accomplish the things that Progressives want.