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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gallup: Frank Newport: Americans Want Federal Gov't Out of State Marijuana Laws

Americans Want Federal Gov't Out of State Marijuana Laws

A victory for believers in limited government and Liberal Democracy

AlterNet: Paul Buchheit: "Five Enemies of a Decent Middle Class Existence in America": Why Government Doesn't Have All The Solutions

5 Enemies of a Decent Middle Class Existence in the US | Alternet

So what I get from this column is that American Capitalism is the problem for why our middle class is not as big. As it could be and I agree that our middle class is too small, as far as a percentage of our country, especially compared. With other developed nations, even if they are Socialist Democracies and that 17-20% poverty is a disgrace in a developed country. But here's where I disagree, American Capitalism, another words economic Liberalism, sorry Conservatives is the problem. And that government or Socialism is the solution, our private health industry is a problem, so we should nationalize it. Not enough people have large enough private pensions, so we should nationalize the pension system and big banks are also a. Problem so we should nationalize banks, another words whenever there's a problem, Uncle Sam has the solution for us.

I'm a Liberal but quoting former UK Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher. Makes sense here, the problem with. Socialism is that you run out of other peoples money, that there's a limit of what government can do for its people. With their own money, that if you want money to be spent well, the people who have to deal with the consequences. Of how that money should be spent, should take a large responsibility for their own money, rather then holy catastrophe Batman. We have a huge crisis on our hands, lets call Uncle Sam to come save us from ourselves, another words. We have these problems in the society, so instead of jumping to government to solve these problems for us. Especially a government that has its own issues and waste in it and a history of making problems it intended to solve worse. Why don't we instead empower people to solve their own problems.

Instead of nationalizing the healthcare system and taking the power away from the people to make these decisions. For themselves, lets make sure we have as much competition as possible thats well regulated and let the people. Decide for themselves where they get their health insurance, instead of nationalizing the pension system. Lets empower more people to plan their own retirements with their own money and empower them to make more money. So they have more money to plan their own retirement with, because now they have the skills they need to get a good job. I'm all for public banks but not as a replacement for private banks, lets break up too big to fail banks. And have more smaller and local banks and let Americans decide for themselves how they do their own banking. Again with their own money and leave government to do only what we need to do for us.

The main problem that Progressive/Social Democrats have in America, besides being really outnumbered. Is that there's a limit to the amount of money that Americans are willing to pay for someone else to take care of them. That we prefer to make these decisions for ourselves, rather then someone from a far away place making our decisions for us. We prefer to solve our own problems and leave government to do only what we need it to do for us.