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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roosevelt Institute: Daily Digest: The Public Goods Value Pack: The Role of Government

Daily Digest - December 13: The Public Goods Value Pack

Nothing like a crisis if you want to call the fiscal cliff that to get people to think about what the role of government. Should be in the lives of all Americans and what exactly do we need it to do for us and the key word being need. Which is different from want, if we don't need the government to do something for us, because it can be done better. By something else, then we shouldn't be paying government to do that for us and a so called crisis like the fiscal cliff. Gives the Federal Government and the country as a whole to think about what we need Uncle Sam to do for us at our expense. And how we can make the US Government more affordable and more efficient, to help the United States. To begin to get our debt and deficit under control and allow for the economy to finally take off again and of course. There are plenty of different perspectives for what exactly what government should be doing for us, ranging from. Almost nothing, to practically everything and hopefully these two fringes as I call them won't be running the. Negotiations and the adults from both sides will be in charged instead.

I'm going to focus on what the two fringes, Social Democrats on one side who have this grand vision that America. Will become some type of Socialist Democracy like in Canada and Europe, where more power and money. Is centralized with the Federal Government at our expense and for our benefit, that government is in the business. To not only look out for our welfare and well being but to guarantee that we have those things and that government. At our expense would provide for us, which would basically be risk free where we would have no poor people. No rich people where we would all be in the middle but what we would give up in exchange, is the power to govern. Our own lives, how we pay for healthcare, how we finance our own retirement to use as examples and anytime. We are out of work, government would come in to take care of us at our expense, to the point where we. Wouldn't have to go back to work even, thats the vision of Social Democrats.

On the other side what we get from Libertarians or economic Libertarians even, is that we would return to. The 1920s economically and from Neoconservatives we would return to the 1920s culturally as well but thats. For a different discussion, where we wouldn't have a public safety net or it would be run by the private sector. Again at our expense, with the services that have the most influence in Washington, having the most power over our lives. Where things like Social Security would be privatized and if you make bad decisions with that money, you are out of luck. Where Medicare would also be privatized and if a private health insurer no longer wants to cover you, even if you. Can make the premiums, you are out of luck, we are basically all on our own and if we fall down, hopefully someone. Will be generous enough to help us back up but if that doesn't happen, we are out of luck.

The Liberal vision that I have and hopefully the vision that President Obama is adopting, is where we all have. A good opportunity to chart our own course in life and what we do with that opportunity or opportunities. Is up to us rather then success being guaranteed for us or we having no solid recourse when we happen to fall off of our feet. And that we are able to take out of society what we produce for it and taxed based on our ability to pay but taxed. Based on what we take out of society, rather then what we produce for it, another words a consumption tax vs the income tax. And when we do fall down, there's  a safety net to catch us and help us back up but not there to take care of people. For the rest of their lives, just to help them back up for the people who are physically and mentally capable. Of working full time.

What I basically just laid out is what President Bill Clinton called the opportunity society, where we would all. As a country have the opportunity to be successful in life, based on what we produce for the country and what we do for ourselves. Based on education where we would have a system where the whole country would access to a quality education. No matter their income levels or their parents income levels and then what we do with these opportunities is up to us. And then be able to keep most of the benefits from the production that we create and then be taxes based on. What we take out of society, rather then what we create for society, this is economic Liberalism 101, power to the people. Not to government or private enterprise.