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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baltimore Sun: News: Senator Barbara Mikulski to Chair Senate Appropriations Committee

Mikulski to lead Senate Appropriations Committee

Another porker chairing the Senate Appropriations Committee but this is what you get from Congress and an example. Of why Congress has such a low approval rating because it has members that uses tax dollars to get reelected rather. Then being able to pass budgets and set priorities for what the Federal Government should be doing instead. Rather then what's popular to spend money on.

AlterNet: Richard Eskow: "Eight Tips on How We Could Cut the Deficit": Now Here's a Real Plan to Do It

8 Tips on How We Could Cut the Deficit, Since Slashing Social Security Benefits Won't Help | Alternet

I just read a blog from Progressive blogger Richard Eskow who writes for America Future's blog, as well as AlterNet. And from time to time for Huffington Post and he was basically saying that the way to cut the deficit is through. Cutting the defense budget and raising taxes on the rich, at least this time he left out the middle class when it came. To tax hikes which is something I haven't seen much of lately where everyday I'm reading from some Progressive. That we need to raise taxes on everyone including the middle class, so government can invest in America's future. Before we can cut the deficit, I have couple problems with the Eskow approach. One it leaves the entire Federal budget off the table when it comes to deficit reduction except for defense as if there's. No room for savings and improvement from the rest of the Federal budget, except of course the only improvements. Can come from spending more which means we can't find any other ways to find savings in the Federal budget. Except the defense budget, in a Federal budget total of roughly 4T$. Thats just not believable for anyone who understands the Federal Government.

I agree that the defense budget has to be on the table when it comes to deficit reduction, USDOD is simply overcommitted. Around the World and we are paying for the defense of developed countries that can afford to defend themselves. And going forward we are going to have to stop doing that but here's a problem with doing that now. The fiscal cliff if different from the broader long term debt and deficit outlook, the fiscal cliff is automatic. Tax hikes and budget cuts that will hit the country if Congress and the President fail to resolve the issue and fix the problem. So what Congress and the President could do is fix the fiscal cliff, hopefully sometime this month, come up with the savings. And revenue to pay for it and then come up with a plan in 2013 to fix our long term debt and deficit outlook. Also there's a practical problem with the defense budget when it comes to Europe and other developed nations. We simply under law can't pull out of those countries now, we have agreements with them and is something. We could do in 2013 but not in the next two weeks.

I'm not interested in across the board budget cuts to the Federal Government and I'm not interested in across. The board tax hikes either but what we should do is like a doctor or a coach taking over for an athletic program. Is examine what's working and what's not and where we can make saving all over the Federal Government. Including in defense and social insurance, to give you an example about Medicare I wrote a blog about this. Ten days ago about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursing doctors and hospitals based on how much healthcare. They deliver for their patients, instead of how healthy their patients are, so lets stop doing that and pay for quality of healthcare. Instead of quantity of healthcare, you want to talk tax hikes and a way to find more savings in Medicare, Medicaid and Food Assistance. Lets stop subsidizing junk food and drink through Food Assistance and tax those things instead. Lets end corporate welfare and agriculture welfare as well and instead subsidize jobs that are created in America.

Its important in this debate that we separate the fiscal cliff from the overall debt and deficit and understand. That in a Federal budget of roughly 4T$ that there's room for savings and improvement everywhere. And things like common sense is a much better way to solve problems like this then taking ideological positions. From the far left or far right of don't touch me but hit the other guy, that the fringes aren't responsible enough. To be running this debate because its too serious and we need to be responsible here because it effects us all.