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Saturday, December 22, 2012

David Pakman Show: Politifact: "President Obama Keeping His Promise on First Time Drug Offenders: How To Combat Narcotics Addiction in America

President Obama taking two big positive steps this week in the failed War on Drugs in America which. Is a really War on Personal Choice and Individual Freedom where President Obama has had a role in. Prosecuting those wars unfortunately but where President Obama took some positive steps this week. Is relating to marijuana where he says thats his administration has better things to do then to arrest people. For smoking marijuana and hopefully possessing marijuana as well, which was probably his response towards the. Marijuana legalization referendums in Colorado and Washington State and the other positive step that. The President took this week was the news that the Obama Administration has kept its promise. To not prosecute and send first time non violent drug offenders meaning people who were arrested. For possessing or using illegal narcotics wouldn't get sent to prison but that they would be sent to drug rehab. instead which means we'll have fewer people in prison as a result of getting caught using or possessing illegal narcotics.

I would go much further then this but because someone takes a positive step or two positive steps in. The right direction at least as I see it as a Liberal, doesn't mean that I won't credit people who aren't. As Liberal as I am which lets face it Barack Obama fits that build, he's not a Socialist obviously. Which is actually something I like about him but he's a Moderate-Liberal at best with leftist leanings. On economic, foreign and social policy but not Liberal enough for me on social issues even though. We tend to agree on economic and foreign policy but this doesn't mean I'm going to say that because. President Obama takes two positive steps in the War on Drugs this week I'm going to act as if he's. Changing the errors of his ways and will go in a much more Liberal direction where Americans would have. More individual freedom in this area, as well as getting help for people who are true addicts and not. Criminals but going forward we need a much more Liberal policy when it comes to dealing with narcotics in America.

First of all we need to get the Federal Government out of the way when it comes to marijuana and for. Them to take the position that they are at least not going to prosecute marijuana in America at least. In the states that have legalized it if not taking the position that the Federal Government will. No longer prosecute marijuana at all and leave it up to the states to make that decision instead. And then what we need to do is not decriminalize cocaine, heroin and meth in the short term but move to. Decriminalize them which means that that people wouldn't be arrested for possession or using. Those other narcotics but that they would be stripped of those drugs instead and then fined based. On the amount of illegal narcotics that they have but not sent to jail or prison and that for drug addicts. Instead of sending them to jail or prison, we would send them to drug rehab at their expense instead.

I'm glad that President Obama is moderating and perhaps even move in the Liberal direction on the War on Drugs. But he should go further and him alone could move the country in a completely different direction. In the next four years and end the failed War on Drugs.