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Monday, December 24, 2012

RT: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann: Bruce Bartlett: "Republicans Hate Democracy": How The Far Right Would Govern America

As a Liberal Democrat I could easily right a partisan blog about how Republicans hate Democracy period. Liberal Democracy, Social Democracy or whatever form of Democracy you want to talk about but I'm. Not going to do that for the very simple reason I disagree with that, news flash not all Republicans. Or not everyone on the right hates Democracy and I could run you off a list of Republicans and other. Rightists who don't hate Democracy and if anything are big fans of it and if you want me to do that. For you send me an email but the far right in America and certain elements of the Tea Party aren't fans of Democracy. Especially Liberal Democracy where the people are literally in control to live their own lives. And thats putting it nicely not liking Democracy would be more accurate and I could go further then that. But the far right in America that has taken over the GOP would take us back to the 1950s, where people. Who don't vote Republican today for the most part would have very little if any say in what happens. In America or even go back to the 1800s where people who don't vote Republican today for the most. Part would be outlawed from the country or essentially would be slaves and America would go back to being. Run by nothing but Caucasian men who would have all the power, similar to how the country was founded.

Its a good thing that Republican Party is not called the Democratic Party, because there's a big group. Of Republicans who aren't in favor of Democracy as we see with their proposals to take away the peoples. Vote for Congress and giving that back to the states, wanting the Federal Government to decide who can. Get married and so fourth, whether minorities can have the same constitutional right as majorities. Whether women can work and vote and so fourth and I would go further that the Republican Party perhaps. Shouldn't be called Republican anymore since there's a large faction in the party that doesn't believe. In Republicanism anymore but would like to see the country become a Theocracy or some Statist Republic. Where a small faction of the country would control most of the wealth and how Americans can live their lives. And so fourth which is common in the Middle East so perhaps the GOP needs a new name and call themselves. The Neoconservative Party, or the Theocratic Party or maybe the Theocratic Republican Party but. Republican Party is not where they are right now.

On the other hand at least we do have a real Democratic Party in America that by in large believes in. Liberal Democracy but its a party thats made up of both Liberal Democrats and Social Democrats who. Would like to see America become more Socialist and more like Europe but at least we still have a. Democratic Party that believes in Democracy and then its just a matter of what type of Democracy we should have.