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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ForaTV: Rachael Chong: Social Good and Good Business: Empowering Non Profits to Meet The Needs of The Less Fortunate

If for profit organizations as well as government were really interested in having the strongest economy. And private market possible, then they would want to have the strongest economy possible with the largest market. Possible of consumers who could not only afford and use their products but could also work for them bring. Marketable skills that they need to design and make those products and create new products to stay ahead of their competition. Thats what American Capitalism is suppose to be about to have the most competition possible thats. Free and open to to give consumers as much choice as possible in where to buy those products. So if you think about it the lower our poverty level is, the more customers that any company would have. To buy their products and the more qualified workers those companies would have to make and design those products. And the more companies we would have to design new products and the more choice that consumers would. Have instead of just a handful of companies making a handful of products with only a handful of customers. Able to afford those products.

This is why moving people out of poverty is good for America and good for the economy, because we would. End up with more skilled workers and more customers who are able to buy products that middle class. And wealthy Americans buy and consume everyday so if you are running a company today, its in your interest. To have fewer people in poverty, because you would have a larger market of people that could actually work for you. And a larger market of customers who could actually afford and use and would buy the products you produce. Instead of being stuck with what's left which is why having a national poverty rate of 15-20% should seem. Way too high to anyone but especially to companies because if you produce high tech or luxury cars or. Something like that you left out of 15-20% of the country who would otherwise be interested in what you have to produce. But who simply don't have the resources to purchase your products which is why if you do run a company. You should be looking at ways to develop your low skilled workers so they can get a better job in your company. Or somewhere else and be able to buy the products you produce.

Which is why as a country we should be thinking out of the box of how we move more Americans out of poverty. And move past the fringes of one side saying its the job of government to take care of people not force them to work. And the other side saying that only personal responsibility can move people out of poverty that low income. People made their bed and should sleep in it and government shouldn't be taking care of people. And look to ways to actually move people out of poverty and government can play a role here with things. Like job training, education and childcare but the private sector could play a role here doing those same things. And not have to deal with the same red tape or Congress and be able to develop new ideas and if anything. Like I said before its in the interest of for profit companies to not only be developing. Their own low skilled workers but bringing low skilled workers from perhaps other companies or who are unemployed. And setting up job training and education opportunities for them so they can finish their education.

Again of course government has a role when it comes to anti poverty but they don't have the only role. Especially the Federal Government and they don't have the only interest in seeing that we have fewer. Americans living in poverty in this country and this post is not about bashing the New Deal or Great Society. But thinking past it and acknowledging that others in this country including in the private sector. Have an interest in seeing that we have fewer Americans living in poverty and encouraging them to play their role to see that happen.