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Monday, January 14, 2013

MSNBC: Video: Countdown With Keith Olberman: FDR 1936: "I Welcome Their Hatred"

President Roosevelt speaking about what he saw as the dangers of big business influence on American politics back in 1936.

AlterNet: Politics: Adele M. Stan: Is the Tea Party Over?: The Party's Influence on American Politics

Is the Tea Party Over? | Alternet

Without the Tea Party we probably still have a Democratic Congress right now instead of a divided Congress, Republican House and Democratic Senate. House Republicans would probably have more seats then they did at the start of the 2009 in the 111th Congress. Thats just the nature of mid term elections in America, the opposition party tends to pickup seats in both chambers of Congress. Especially with a weak economy but House Republicans wouldn't of gotten the forty seats that would've needed. To win back the majority in the House and even with the Tea Party, Senate Republicans were in the minority back in 2009. And still are today but with four more seats then they had in 2009, so what the Tea Party did for the Republican Party. Was to give them some power which they didn't have at the start of the Obama Administration. But it didn't give them back the Senate and it didn't do much for a divided Republican Party that settled on Mitt Romney. Who most Republicans probably had a different first choice who only won back two Republican states. That Barack Obama won in 2008, Indiana and North Carolina.

The Neoconservative wing of the Tea Party which unfortunately for the GOP  is the dominant faction of the Tea Party right now. Is over as a positive influence on the GOP, the 21st Century of the Neoconservative/Religious Right in America. Can't drive Republicans back to high office to the point that they can get back the power that the GOP had. When George W. Bush was reelected in 2004 with an expanded Republican Congress, for that to happen a new GOP is going to have to emerge. That can appeal to non Bible Belt Americans who don't live in the 1950s of what America is suppose to be. And this is a very diverse group of Americans who are very Liberal especially on social issues. But also believe in low taxes and regulations and economic freedom which is the avenue for Republicans. To meet them on if they can get there without scaring them and making them feel unwelcome in the GOP. If not America as a whole but the Tea Party as it stands now won't get the GOP there, they need a new direction.

The Tea Party's main influence on American politics right now is within the Republican Party not the country. As a whole because Republicans still have to take these people seriously as it relates to primary challenges and fundraising. But Democrats don't and have their own fringe base to deal with as a whole but the Tea Party is not a governing coalition. But a faction of a divided party thats not sure where they are headed or where they want to go.