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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RT: Video: The Big Picture: Will President Obama Get Citizenship Pathway For Immigrants?

Its in the Republican Party's best interest to get a comprehensive immigration reform deal with Democrats. Because they need new voters its thats simple because their current Bible Belt base is dying off and there aren't enough country club Republicans to keep the party afloat. And getting the problem of illegal revolution resolved meaning solved and dealing with the 10-15M. Illegal immigrants that we have in this country, not amnesty but a way for them who haven't been. Convicted of any other felonies besides
entering the United States illegally, an opportunity to earn. Legal residency and live and work in this country legally as long as they are living and working in this country legally. As well as be penalized for the amount of time they've worked and lived in the United States illegally. A fine based on how long they've lived and worked in this country illegally and pay whatever back taxes they may owe. The Federal Government as well as state and local governments. As well as doing something to make our borders as secure as possible in a responsible way that solves the problem.