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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RT: Video: The Big Picture: Debate: Society vs. The Reagan Revolution: How New-Democrats Countered The Reagan Revolution

I agree with John Nichols a columnist with The Nation magazine that Barack Obama is not a Progressive and certainly not a Socialist. As much as Progressive radio talk show Thom Hartmann might want him to be, which is fine with me as a Liberal-Democrat. Whose part of the Bill Clinton New-Democratic coalition in the Democratic Party but what the President did yesterday. Was to make a case for economic Liberalism and no not a new New Deal or Great Society and to build off of those. Agendas and to me thats not economic Liberalism but economic Progressivism or Democratic Socialism but thats really a different debate. The economic Liberalism that President Obama came out for which he's always supported since becoming President. And probably before that, is this notion of an opportunity society and I would love to see the President. Role out and agenda to create this opportunity society, Progressives had their New Deal and Great Society. Conservatives had their Reagan-Revolution and both Progressives and Conservatives got their agendas through Congress. I love for President Obama to propose what would be called the opportunity society, that would be. An agenda of policies and reforms not new programs that would be designed to create this new opportunity society for America.

Again Progressives had the New Deal from the 1930s, President Truman proposed what he called the Fair Deal. Which he didn't get through Congress unlike the FDR New Deal, Progressives also had the Great Society that LBJ got through Congress as well. Conservatives had President Nixon's Federalism that would've given states and locals more authority to run the safety net. And then of course they got the Reagan-Revolution that produced the 1981 Economic Recovery Act along with cuts. In regulations and new trade and so fourth. Now its time for Liberal-Democrats to have their own. Agenda whether the President can get it through a divided Congress with a Republican House or not. Its time for the President to at least fight for it and to a certain extent he did that last year with. The American Jobs Act that he really hasn't had much luck getting through Congress yet. The American Recovery Act in 2009 was part of this new Liberal vision when it comes to economics. What can government do so as many Americans as possible have the freedom to live their own lives. And not be dependent on government for their economic survival.

As I blogged last week, Liberalism is about protecting freedom for individuals who already have it and still deserve it. And expanding freedom for those who don't have it but need it and deserve it. Thats what an opportunity society is about, thats what economic Liberalism is about creating an economy. Where all Americans have an opportunity to have the freedom in life to be able to take care of themselves. And I could give you a whole list of policies and reforms, not programs to bring this about. But that would take several different blogs or a book even to do that. But its based around taxes being low enough across the board to encourage people to be productive and independent. Smart regulation not strong or weak but a regulation system that protects workers and employers. As well as the environment and consumers but does it in a way thats consistent with creating economic and job growth. Reforming our social insurance system so its designed to empower anyone on it to be able to work themselves off of it. And become independent thats based around good education, job training and job placement.

An opportunity society would also include a modern public infrastructure system something like a National Infrastructure Bank. That would be run separately from the Federal Government and if anything each state would have their own infrastructure bank. That would work with the NIB, as well as a national energy policy thats built around creating a menu of American natural. Resources designed to move the United State towards energy independence. Barack Obama has always been a Liberal on foreign policy and civil rights, I wish he was more Liberal on. Social issues and he's always been a Liberal on economic policy as well. But what we saw on Monday was him fighting for economic Liberalism and making the case for it. And I would love to see him take a step forward and fight for an opportunity society as well.