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Friday, January 25, 2013

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Obama's Other Message: Times Change and Government Changes With Them

I think that Progressive/Social-Democrats in the Democratic Party has miss interpreted President Obama's inaugural address in this sense. That when the President spoke of the importance of Social Security, Medicare and so fourth and that America needed collective action. That he was making the case for Big Government, not only defending the status quo but making the case that the Federal Government. Should be doing even more when really what his speech was, was about protecting individual freedom. That Americans have the right to live their own lives and the people who don't have this freedom. Because they lack the skills to do so, deserve that same freedom through opportunity and empowerment. Not that we need some superstate there to take care of people especially the people who can't fend for themselves. What the President was arguing for was for Americans to have the freedom to be able to take care of. Themselves, the right to self determination, the right to chart their own course but where he separates from Ronald Reagan. Is that he believes that governments role is to do the things for the people that we as individuals can't do for ourselves. Thats what limited government is about, its not small or big but limited which is how you get to good government which should be the goal of everyone.

If you listen to or read President Obama's 2013 inaugural address and I suggest you should if you are actually interested in where he is on the political spectrum. Unfortunately a lot of Americans aren't aware of that which is how labels like Socialist get thrown around by the right. And Progressives even call Barack Obama a Conservative or Moderate-Republican, I've heard Neoconservative thrown at the. President but if you are truly interested in where Barack Obama is politically and aren't sure where he is. You'll see a man a president who believes that government needs to be there to provide the services that we as. Individuals can't do for ourselves or can't do as well, things like a good public education system. So that as many Americans as possible can have access to a good education in life, a good infrastructure. System so that business's can get their products to market in a safe and timely manner but also because of the. Boost to the construction industry and good jobs that come with it and other things.

The President believes in a strong but limited national and homeland security that can not only defend America but help out around the World. Where we can make a positive difference for people who fighting for their freedom to use as an example. And creating an environment where as many people as possible would have the freedom to live their own lives. What I call an opportunity society where as many Americans as possible would have the opportunity to be successful in life. I believe thats just one area that separates him from the Progressive-Social-Democratic left in the Democratic Party. That would like to see some type of a new New Deal there to take care of everybody. Which is what the Progressive Caucus seems to offer as their budget plan every year in Congress. But thats not where Barack Obama is, what he believes in is the opportunity society where we would all have the opportunity. To have the freedom to take care of ourselves and this comes from access to a quality education and job training.

So if you want to call Barack Obama a Liberal-Democrat, go right ahead and I'm sure at least in private he would take that as a complement. Even though in public he might say something to effect that its time for America to move past political labels. And concentrate on American values that we can all get behind and so fourth, I'm paraphrasing. But all I ask is when you call someone a Liberal, actually know what you are talking about instead of trying to insult them. Barack Obama is a traditional Liberal in the New-Democratic sense from the Jack Kennedy/Bill Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. Which are the real Liberals in the party and not some type of Social-Democrat who believes the job of government. Is to take care of everybody and provide us with security across the board even from ourselves.