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Monday, January 28, 2013

RT: Video: The Big Picture: Why Does the Pro-Life Movement Align With The Pro-Death Penalty Movement

I've asked this question and have thought about it myself, why do people who claim to be pro-life are also pro-death penalty. The contradiction there seems to be obvious but the flip side to that for people to the left of me lets say. Other Leftists who are left of me who are pro-choice when it comes to abortion but also against the death penalty. Believe that women have the right to terminate fetus's but have a big problem with killing serial murderers to us as an example. And not all people who claim to be pro-life have this contradiction, Catholics come to mind as. People who are pro-life when it comes to abortion, death penalty as well as when it comes to war. And there are people who are pro-choice when it comes to abortion but support the death penalty. When it comes to certain types of murderers, serial murderers to us as an example and people who. Represent a threat to murder again but a lot of people on both the right left aren't as consistent. Which is why these labels at times are almost pointless and the debate should really be about are you pro or against the death penalty and explain your position. Same thing when it comes to reproductive rights, do you believe in them or not.

Seems to me that anyone whose pro-life and wants to have that label, should be pro-life and not just call them self that. That government has no business in taking the lives of people who aren't in an immediate threat to kill or harm someone. And that government should not sanction these activities as well even as they relate to abortion. And that we care about the lives of everyone from the time that they are a fetus to when they've been born and about their quality of life. After they've been born and how well they live and then you would truly be a person whose pro-life . Otherwise your pro-life position only relates to abortion.